The political definition of Texas' landscape

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The state of Texas exemplifies uncertainty and plurality in that it is home to people of many ethnicities, geographical differences, economic preferences, and races. The interaction of historical, economic, social, and institutional influences, as well as geography, has effectively and continuously redefined the landscape and geography of the state of Texas. A Texan is noted for his or her simplicity, individuality, personal conviction, directness in dealing with matters, and reverence for the government. Populism, fiscal liberalism, and religious conservatism have played important roles in shaping the modern Texas. In the diplomatic arena, the terms have been shown to be influential. they tend to favor small government services, low taxes and the policies that support business (Rodriguez 15-22). The essay shall focus on the political landscape and how it has been shaping over the years. It will also give an account of the burn down of the Texas Governor_x0092_s mansion as well as how it got associated with the political and ideological differences.


The political concept is shaped by the political culture that is evident in a given place. The political culture is usually shaped by the shared beliefs, values and habits about the administration politics. The patterns and ideas developed over the years affect the political status of any given state. The political concept represents how citizens view the relationship with the government, requirements of the state, limitations of the administration and the responsibilities and rights of the citizens. It establishes the basis against which political affairs develop. It provides the constraints and the expectations of the governing and the governed in any given government; the political actors can only work with the elements of any particular political culture (Yücel 139-143)

The political ideology in the State of Texas

It is well described in three main streams: social conservatism, populism, and classical liberalism. The classical liberalism is based on the political arrangement and value which allow people to exercise the individual liberty without limiting the rights of others. It is the greatest opponent to the use of the government to attain the social goals. It stresses on the reliance on the free market or the private initiative to get the best outcomes. Conventional liberalism has equally powered the support for the civil liberties and the religious tolerance for both the entrepreneurs and individuals (Kincaid 538-541).

The social conservatism is derived from the feudal English thinking that considers liberalism with a lot of skeptics. The traditional hierarchy in the social relations thought that the social changes are a significant threat to the established beliefs and practices. It supports the use of the government to at least enforce the social relations. There is a significant predisposition to the traditional religious beliefs and practices; there is undue respect for the legendary authoritative figures in all sectors (Kincaid 543-544).

The underlying principle of populism is the well-being of the average citizens, emphasizes the majority rule of the political position. It is made of up of both the social and the political dimensions. It tends to support the government involvement in the regulation of the society and helps different political positions. It serves a mechanism to reduce the tension that there is between the liberalism and social conservatism. At some moment in the history of the State of Texas, it has been used for the advocacy of the government_x0092_s support for the poor farmers and lower taxes for the upper and the middle-class citizens (Kincaid 545-550).

Small Service, Low Taxes Political Concept

The support for the raising of taxes in the state of Texas from the public office holders is termed as political suicide, especially for the political aspirants. In the case of any financial crisis, the officials usually focus on the users_x0092_ fee, for example, the registration of the automobiles to save the situation. At the same time, the government_x0092_s participation at this time is minimal unless there is some humanitarian crisis or there are funds from the Federal government. The low taxes in the state have endured over the years both in the Democratic Party and Republican Party dominance. The lasting impact is seen in the interplay between the party politics and the combination of the populism, social conservatism, and the conventional liberalism. It has often led some political tension between the different politicians and even a division in some instances.

The party members who are predominantly influenced by the classical liberalism often find themselves at loggerhead with the other party members who believe in the social conservatives more especially in the Republican Party (David 365). A case in point is the burning down of the mansion belonging to Texas governor in the year 2008. In the fire that destroyed the over 152-year-old mansion that was undergoing renovation at the time of the fire was suspected to be an arson attempt and politically instigated (CBS News par.1-4). This indicates the fragile nature of Texan politics and the impact of political violence on the culture and wellbeing of individuals.

The Political Concept about the Texas Politics

The political history of the State of Texas had been dominated by the Democratic Party for almost a century after the states_x0092_ reconstruction. The Democratic rule dominated by the conformist white political leaders. The tension in the party muted till the civic rights arrangements and the extra pressure in the national politics which had a climax into the state politics in the 1950s. The Republican were in existence; however, their victories in the electoral system got limited. The most frequent success at the presidential level for the Republican Party was the support of the Republican presidential aspirant in the years 1952, 1956, 1972, the election after the 1980s saw a steady grip and growth of the Republican Party. History derived from the Texas Party System is a reflection of the political heritage of the South (David 366).

The Political Concept and the Economic Dimension

The economy usually provides an important context for appreciating the political culture. Development of any given economy is often shaped by the political stereotypes and perceptions and relative power that is exhibited by the different sectors. The creation of the commercial agriculture reduced the Mexican American political power; it equally permitted adverse reorganizing their identity in the wider culture. On a general level, the economy can silhouette the dominant values, ideals, and concerns of the society. The symbols of the state_x0092_s culture have been wealth, entrepreneurship and the deeply held philosophy of tax aversion and the government services. They are evolving in response to the trajectory of the economy; concerns are being raised more primarily on the ability of the State to support essential services like education more so with the philosophy that has been there for all this long. Its geographical largeness and diversity characterized by the different types of commercial activities, racial, settlement density, ethnic mix, distinct levels of wealth and the political culture combine to form an adamant economic powerhouse. It ranks number three after California and New York based on the gross state product (David 367).

The land of Texas is made up of immigrants; even the Native Americans have at one time migrated to the state. They got pushed out of the state with the passage of time and the immigrants who continued to move to the country. After World War II, the population in the state and the general economy grew faster compared to the previous decades. The contemporary Texas is made up of Mexicans, Central Americans, Yankees, Caribbean Islanders, and Asians. The immigration of people into Texas has caused diversification of its economy, reinforced the social business and conservatism. Migration and more constant birth races from the minorities in the state have seen an increase in the population recently (Adtya 3-5).


In conclusion from the preceding, the political concept is a complex term more so in the State of Texas, where values ideas and consensus characterize the state. Irrespective of the changing fortunes in respect to the political parties. There state_x0092_s political concept remains constant.

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