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The private security sector employs a broad range of security professionals and personnel whose job it is to protect people and property by upholding laws and regulations. Both domestic and foreign security assignments are handled by the private industry. Private companies offering detective and investigative services, event security, executive protection, restaurant, bar, and nightclub security staff, audit controls, risk management and mitigation, protective patrols, safety and internal facilities security and control, home and business alarm installations and monitoring, business continuity and recovery, crises and emergency management response, credit card fraud, domestic cybercrimes, and information services may be among them. The private sector is also widely used for the protection and safety of airports and ports and in particularly maritime safety and security (De Waard, 199).

Sanctions and regulations are important in private industry because they reaffirm and clarify the existing and obligation of states. Under the humanitarian law and human right law, they provide recommendation and guidelines that assist them in meeting their responsibility to ensure respect for human right law and national regulation. They also ensure private security employees do not play a part in the crime, it also helps in distinguishing between honest and disreputable private security company, it increases public confidence in the private security industry and guide conduct and ensure the universal application of the law(Bernstein,2001).

In case the security guard is in police custody for failing to respect the law as a private security officer, I will ensure that he or she is first taken to court to ascertain whether the person is guilty or not. If found guilty the court will provide sanction such as fine and imprisonment, as the security manager, I will ensure that I have suspended his or her license.


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on criminal policy and research, 7(2), 143-174.

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July 15, 2023

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