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In this part, two policies from TAFE NSW will be analyzed. The first policy is the complaint management policy; this is a policy which deals with complaints made by customers, employees and public interest disclosure. Some of the values reflected in this policy include promptness, fairness, and consistency in the management of complaints. The policy also values complaints made to the company. The next policy is the bullying and harassment prevention policy; the policy is aimed at raising the understanding and awareness in the organization that bullying and harassment are unacceptable. The values of this policy include safety, equity, and respect for everyone in the organization.

In implementing the complaint management policy, the employees and the managers are expected to behave in the following manner to enhance the organization's policy. The employees are supposed to make reasonable efforts while managing the complaints made. They are supposed to do this in line with the set procedures while at the same time applying proper judgement to the situations that arise. The managers are required to manage employee’s complaints diligently. The bullying and harassment prevention policy are applicable to the students and the staff that are found in TAFE NSW. All the people are required to treat people in a manner which does not cause distress to them. Both students and staff are not required to treat everybody in the organization fairly. Nobody has the right to bully or harass any individual in the organization. Managers, on the other hand, are required to maintain and model acceptable standards of conduct within TAFE NSW.


In this part of the paper, the problem identified is incident two, involving Kosta, the salesperson who has been practicing some dubious ways to ensure that he reaches the sales target. He has been offering some customers various upgrades and add-ons and cutting prices below the agreed range that sales staff are required to attain their sales. The outcome that I want is for Kosta to stop using tricks which are not allowed by the organization to increase his sales. The complaints email sent by a customer assisted in gathering information about the problem. After that, I asked Kosta who agreed with the allegations and provided more information. The next step was asking for help which will assist me in solving the problem. I sought assistance from my manager who has experience in solving the same or similar problem(Woestman, 2015).

The next step involved finding a solution(Chughtai, 2015), I came up with the options which I thought were appropriate to take regarding the situation. The options included suspending Kosta since he had violated the organization's policies, the next option was coming up with ways in which Kosta would improve his sales without using unacceptable tricks. However since Kosta is a very good sales person and cares about the company, the best option would be coming up with various ways which will assist Kosta in improving his sales. Challenges which might arise from the solution include other salespeople thinking that I am favoring Kosta(Dussault, 2015). To solve the challenge, I would ensure that I share the techniques for increasing sales to other sales personnel in the company. The decision that I make would be making all the salespeople in the company aware of ways in which they can increase their sales without using ways which undermine the organization's integrity. I will then develop an action plan for how the decisions will be implemented(Nielsen, 2016). Kosta will be encouraged to stop using his tricks and work extra hard to ensure that sales increase.

How I will go about it


Who I need to involve/consult


What resources do I need

(Physical resources)

Finish by date


Inform kosta of his actions


2 may

Coming up with a solution


14 may

Informing Kosta of the solution


14 may

Informing other sales personnel


15th may

Implementing the solution


20th may

Communication Methods

To communicate the action plan to other staff members in the organization the best method to choose would be performance appraisal sessions. The method is suitable since it ensures that there is a written record which can be used in the future providing goals which are agreed upon and improvement actions(Demirtas, 2017). The method is also the best regarding raising recurring or major problems; it also allows for a discussion of reasons so that the problems can be solved

Evaluation and Review

One of the ways or evaluating the process I used to make the decision would be to monitor id the process has any changes on Kosta and other employees. If the process were good, Kosta would stop using his tricks, however, if the process is bad, Kosta will continue to carry out his tricks. The effectiveness of the solution will be evaluated through assessing the number of sales that Kosta makes and if the sales have increased or decreased. If the sales have increased without any complaints from customers, it will mean that Kosta followed the appropriate sales method. However, if the complaints from the customers increase, it will mean that he is still using his tricks. Feedback would be gathered through carrying out a performance appraisal and through the comments of the customers.


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