The qualitative research design

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The qualitative research design is a research design that tries to develop an understanding of the given data as the study progresses. The term qualitative suggests a focus on the quality of entities and processes, as well as meanings that are not scientifically quantified. Ethnography, narrative, phenomenology, grounded theory, and case study are the five major forms of qualitative research designs (Lewis, 2015).

The research method's core technique begins with individual interviews and focus groups. The interviews are created and constructed using the respondent's experiences and ideas. The following stage is observation. The researcher utilizes various methods for observing to generate notes, use the checklist, and time-and-motion logs to get meaning from the data collected through observation. The last step entails document analysis that is the content analysis of the written data that is anything that supports the type of the documents used by the researchers to analyze data. The electronic media has currently taken most of the work like the blogs, emails, and social network profiles. These have extended the data that the researchers analyze (Lewis, 2015).

The use of qualitative data analysis is appropriate in various aspects. For instance, the method is important during the generation and development of new organizational ideas. The method is also important when investigating the current and potential position of the product and the existing marketing strategy (Lewis, 2015).

An example of qualitative research that was done is the physical activity during pregnancy; a qualitative study of the beliefs of overweight and obese pregnant women (Weir et al., 2010). Another example of qualitative study is managing school behavior: a qualitative case study by Dodge (2011).


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May 10, 2023

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