The Role and Functions of a Manager

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A manager is a person who controls, directs or handles an enterprise or a business organization. He or she is bestowed with the role and responsibility of controlling and regulating the company’s resources and funds. In order to achieve the company’s objectives or get things done, every manager works under certain rules and principals. Inherently the aim of this essay is to engage in self – reflection and identify four principal functions I would use to ‘get things done’ as a manager. The principal functions identified must match and relate to achieving a company’s goals and objectives.


Being a manager requires skill, understanding and patience. As a manager at a national packaging industry, the main objective is to package goods and transport to our consumers without any form of delay. For purposes of ensuring time management and excellent packaging, the following is a brief but detailed discussion on the four principals I use to ensure that things get done in a timely and quality manner.


Planning is the first step towards achieving any goal. Failure to plan is often said as planning to fail (Daft & Marcic, 2016). Every day I have to lay a plan on the activities that need to be done. The planning process involves determining which products need to be packaged, human resource required and the time required to complete the whole task or process. During the planning process, one is also able to come up with an alternative plan or idea that can be used just in case anything happens to affect or interfere with plan A. Generally, most managers who plan their workflow end up succeeding and getting their things done in a timely manner. If by any chance I was not a good planner, I would never have become a competitive manager with back to back success.

Actual organizing and staffing

After the planning process, the next step is to set the plan to actual organization. During the organization process, I have to ensure that the necessary materials needed during the organization process are ready and in a proper condition. Most managers fail since they plan without any form of organization (Daft & Marcic, 2016). During the organization process, I have to assign every person a role that they are supposed to complete by the end of the packaging process. Lack of organization especially when it comes to assigning of roles and responsibilities may drag down a business operation in terms of time and quality.

The last course of action I execute during the actual organization process is giving authority to the human resource panel identified in the planning stage. As a manager, I strongly believe in abiding to instructions and granting authority. Through the granting process, I am able to give a green or red light on whether a certain activity should be done or put on hold. From a general point of view, I believe I would not get things done in a timely and quality manner if I did not have the organization principal in my bucket – list of good management.


Leading is the main role of a manager (Borwick, 2018). A successful company is made up of a manager who is endowed with good leadership values and standards. Companies and enterprises made up of poor leaders end up experiencing severe losses, stagnated or even negative growth. As a manager, I am very sure that my company would have been doomed for failure if I was not a strict leader who had no conscious of time and value of quality work. The packaging industry is very competitive and most customers prefer working with a company that produces quality end – products in a timely and consistent pattern.

A majority of managers fail in that they think that their role involves planning and organizing only (Barak, 2016). Practically a good manager should set a good example to others. He or she must execute the planning and organizational ideas by leading the team of people under his or her authority. A detailed plan, actual organization and staffing without good leadership is not enough to secure timely and quality packaging in any company. The advantages of the leadership principal is that you can be able to correct errors during execution of the plan. Leading is also significant in that it helps in instilling positive pressure among staff members or the chosen human resource panel.


Leading and controlling go hand in hand. The control management principal involves monitoring and regulating work flow to ensure that the objectives of that day, week, month or any other time pattern are met (Barak, 2016). Leadership without control is not effective. As a manager, the control principal is very important as it helps me manage time and resources in a timely manner. Without control, I believe it would have been impossible to achieve any of targeted objective. For starters, it would have been impossible to keep a track of the progress been made against the deadline and quality if the control principal was not in place. Generally, the control process is very useful when it comes to controlling the behaviors and attitudes of the human resource panel.


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October 24, 2023



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