The Role of Coaches in Employee Wellness

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Coaching is a multi-faceted model designed to help representatives realize their full potential. Being a strategic process purposed to facilitate performance improvement, coaches are required to demonstrate relevant skills (McCarthy, 2018) essential for successful coaching. Skills in question are essentially learnt over time, therefore effective coaching is dependent on learning these imperative skills.

Coaching Skillsets

Firstly, having impressive skills in developing people (McCarthy, 2018) and helping them develop their personalities is integral. It is essential for any coach to have mastery in this area so as to be able to effectively share skills and professional expertise towards grooming coachees. Secondly, learning the art of initiating and nurturing comfortable relationships is fundamental in fostering harmonious professional relationships.

Clients ware more inclined to be open and approach coaches whom they feel are dependable, trustworthy and approachable. Giving a clear direction on the path to take is important, and therefore coaches ought to learn how to guide and give clear directions to their clients towards accomplishing a particular goal. In terms of accountability, coaches ought to learn how to give honest feedback to their coachees in regards to their progress and performance.

Future of Employee Wellness Programs

With the dynamicity of the corporate world and its distinctive elements, employee wellness programs are subject to change in the long-run, undergoing a transition in terms of models and strategies (Moran, 2017) for purposes of enhancing efficiency. One of the projected changes is the intensive application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the facilitation of employee wellness programs. With the use of these technologies, a personalized approach (Moran, 2017) is rendered possible as employees will be able to access content and solutions pertinent to their individualized wellbeing needs.

Integrated AI systems will play a crucial role in keeping track of employees’ health statuses, collect data pertaining to employees’ customs (Moran, 2017) and generate relevant suggestions of how to better their lifestyles.  The realization of this change will inevitably augment the efficiency of wellness programs, building a healthier workplace for optimized productivity and performance. 


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January 19, 2024

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