The Role of GPS in Globalization

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GPS (Global Positioning System) is a technology that utilizes a global satellite system and is accessible by any GPS receiver, given the visibility line between four or more satellites remains clear. GPS employs time and location as its basic components. Its applications lie within three domains: civilian, business and military. GPS provides real-time information on a user’s location and gives mapped out pathways that help users navigate to their destinations on land, air or water. With the introduction of GPS receiver for maritime used by companies, such as Trimble Technological in 1984, navigating the sea, unfamiliar harbors and avoiding obstacles has never been easier (Trimble). It’s precision in pinpointing something or someone’s location such that its margin of error is within meters proves to be quite reliable for; the military where its used by personnel to find their location discreetly behind enemy lines, emergency service providers and civilians to pinpoint the location of those in need of help.

The practical implementation of the GPS system combined with other computerized systems makes it perfect for tracking. Navigation helps users find their way from one point to another, while tracking gives information on someone or something in transit, thus monitoring movement. Logistics companies use this system to get the real-time location of their fleets and cargo in the high seas, land, and air, thus, increases employees’ honesty as well. The military also uses GPS system to track its troops to maintain real-time awareness of the progress of their missions. Its precision in locating specific points on Earth almost instantaneously makes it easier and faster to map and conduct surveys, which eases the mapping of natural resources and resolution of territorial disputes with no military intervention. In this way, GPS systems continue to play a crucial role in the globalization efforts to connect the various corners of the world.

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September 11, 2023


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