The Importance of Effective Global Management

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In a global economy, which is increasing, a large number of financial experts argue that single, high-quality standards set to provide substantial benefits. Nevertheless, there are steps to be followed to achieve this. In any firm, global managers play a critical role regarding the global operations. Due to the large-scale globalization, traditional ways of conducting businesses are becoming mostly irrelevant. There is increasing the need for bosses to become global managers who can provide international perception. Therefore, some characteristics determine whether a manager will be effective or inefficient.

For a global manager to be rendered effective, he/she should be inclusive (Albu, Cătălin, Nadia, and David 493). Factors such as spurring collaboration, driving values, which unleashes ideas, as well as solving problems across all the distances or by shifting management. Ways of achieving this are through administering constructive arguments; maintain regular contact and implementing feedbacks through taking advice.

In any organization, communication plays a critical role in ensuring smooth running of firms. Effective global leaders should have refined communication skills, which is of the high level of sophistication for delivering a compelling message (Albu 496). Similarly, they should be able to win sponsorship to navigate through global complexities.

Conversely, ineffective global managers are identified by their lack of performance through consistently failing. They possess weak characters due to lack of integrity thus failing to endure the test of managing their time (Albu 504). Moreover, they are self-serving nature by not engendering trust, loyalty, and confidence to their co-workers and partners. Also, bad global managers are not accountable as they blame others and lack of claiming credit for the success of their team they are working with.

To sum up, global management has become significant input for the success of every firm since the globalization of services and businesses. Global management determines the frames policies that will be adopted by their firm. Therefore, managers either can ruin or creates their companies depending on the characteristics that they hold.

Work Cited

Albu, Cătălin Nicolae, Nadia Albu, and David Alexander. "When global accounting standards meet the local context—Insights from an emerging economy." Critical Perspectives on Accounting 25.6 (2014): 489-510.

January 19, 2024


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