The Role of Information Systems in Emirates Airline

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The Purpose of the Paper

The purpose of this paper is exploring the nature of the emirate's airline that assists in acquiring competitive advantage in the airline industry. Some years ago, the airline industry was faced with the challenges of building solid customer trust and satisfaction due to the technology which was used. However, in the current world which is rich in innovation, airlines such as Emirates have acquired information systems that help in ensuring customer satisfaction through the provision of exemplary services. It allows smooth functioning of this organization due to quick decision making when a challenge arises. Still today emirate airline continues to embrace creative and innovative ideas to enable maximal consumer satisfaction.


emirate, technology, information system, consumer satisfaction

Case Study

In their venture to gain a competitive advantage, businesses are always striving to advance their processes over their competitors within the same industry. Moreover, the airline industry is one of the most competitive markets. Commercial airlines whether large or small, global or domestic all have incorporated implementation of new information system technologies which are pouring on request economy. Emirates is a carrier which originated from Dubai (Taneja, 2017). The régime of Dubai solely owns the airline as it is a subsidiary to the emirate group. It is the largest airline in the middle east. Similarly, it works collaboratively with Wavetec solutions since it uses some of the firm’s technologies. Wavetec solutions offer emirates with the following competitive advantage to effectively compete with other airlines in the market.

Firstly, the electronic queue management system

Gave them an outstanding system for controlling queues which were a glitch to manage earlier. In the Dubai airport, their competitive superiority was their customer's experience which required this system to manage long queues. They designated Wavetec management system to accomplish customer services at the gate. Since the Dubai airport was progressively expanding, serving and management of their customer through the provision of excellent services was a significant challenge (Holloway, 2017). However, after the installation of Wavetec’s system, management took a drastic turn by giving better services and abrupt actions. Since then, the customer enjoys and feels comfortable by being served on time. Additionally, the reporting module assists the management in measuring the service standards against the performance of the staffs to enable continuous enhancement (Mutuku, 2018).

Secondly, LCD touch screen kiosk

Allows customers to select from twenty categories. This clarifies that the customer representative is always ready to serve the customers. In Dubai, Emirates airline has established self-check-in kiosks for its passengers (Elberkawi, El-firjani, Maatuk, & Aljawarneh, 2016). These kiosks are deployed in three metro stations in Dubai allowing their customers to check-in thus been able to select their seats as well as printing their boarding pass. This eliminated queuing at the airport. Customers use their ticket numbers, skywards membership number provided by Emirates or reservation code to access the services.

Similarly, Emirates embrace central reporting system that is connected to all their stations to spread across the world. It assists the organization in employing integrated reporting into the process of their services. The management team can monitor the flow of customers hence improving customer services using real-time data (Mutuku, 2018). Besides, the management can collate statistical analysis of data as well as staff statistics for future advancement. This helps in monitoring the branch performance and workers ensuring the improved relationship with customers (Taneja, 2017).

Utilization of this information system has aided management airline in refining the firm’s processes, making improved decisions, functioning more efficiently as well as retaining and attracting new customers since it resolves glitches which are related with making decisions, it helps in integrating data across the firm irrespective of where the branches are located, and it is used as a means of communication at the variant level of managers (Holloway, 2017).

In Conclusion

Information systems play a critical role in the operation of the organization. It allows a firm to compete effectively with other firms in the market providing the best innovative company to gain a competitive advantage. A system such as electronic queue management, LCD touch-screen kiosk, and central reporting system have significantly helped Emirates airline in providing excellent services to its customer thus building trust and becoming one of the top-class airlines in the world.


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September 18, 2023




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