The Role of Kiev in the History of Russia

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The History of Kiev as the Mother of Russian Cities

The reading gives an analysis of Kiev as the mother of Russian Cities. It is estimable how the author delves into the past history to show how prominent leaders such as Oleg contributed to making Kiev the capital city of the state of the Eastern Slavic tribes. While the events took part in the 9th century, the text continues to show the ensuing developments and historic events up to the 10th century (Timofeychev 1). One laudable outcome of the script is how it examines the ethno-political factors that were involved in the finding of the first Russian state in Kiev. The author clarifies the questions of early Russian state history through the analysis of the past events of the nationalistic internal conflicts of the controversy. Despite the wrangles involved between the Ukrainians and anti-Ukrainians, the writing makes it clear that Kievan Rus gave birth to contemporary Russians, Ukrainians, and Byelorussians that made up the Great Russian cities that exist today.

The Author's Organization and Writing Style

It is worth noting that, the author organizes his work into different sections with clear and concise paragraphs. He uses an easy language free from jargons and vocabularies that might startle the reader. I though the reading to be both interesting and eye-catching as it captivates the imagination of the audience by sending them into past events (Timofeychev 1). Clearly, the reader managed to move with the writer progressively from the beginning to the end. However, the text is not without fault, it tends to incline more on the negative parts of the history than on the positive sides. For instance, it discusses the fact that the Russians were labelled as thieves of the Kievan Rus history. The author hence analyses the ethnic conflicts and politics that took place in the 9th century that led to making Kiev the capital city. Such taints a negative image on the mind of the reader making the history more dreading than fascinating.

Works Cited

Timofeychev , Alexey. "Kiev as the 'mother of Russian cities': Fact or fiction?"18 October 2017. Russia Beyond. 24 September 2018.

November 24, 2023

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