The Role of Leadership in Creating a Positive Work Environment

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In any organization the role of ensuring a workplace that encourages employees to great performance carrying out their jobs largely depends on the company’s leadership. The primary contributions of organizational leaders range from offering control to making sure there is a conducive environment that facilitates workers’ productivity and success. Therefore, leaders are among the core pillars that promote employees’ performance and their morale, thus raising the overall organization’s performance.

Notably, leaders are essential in coming up with an optimistic culture of the workplace, which is achieved through formulation of a positive organizational tone. Simple activities, even routine morning meetings, are crucial in creating an inviting and comfortable working environment. During these meetings, good leaders allow their members to talk freely about their experiences or concerns, thus raising their level of job satisfaction.

Quality of the top leadership is one of the main determinants of an organization’s working environment. For instance, roots of a discouraging working environment may be easily traced back to the organization’s leadership, since they are the ones to encourage and engage employees using their leadership skills. Consequently, productive and friendly environments are also closely linked to leaders who are passionate about creating healthy and inspiring workplaces.

It is evident that the correlation among work environment, job satisfaction and performance variables is closely linked to the quality of leadership. However, this relationship requires the input of other, secondary, factors, such as good policies and procedures that show appreciation of every worker’s contribution. Leaders, in their turn, should also be allowed to allocate resources for the creation of meaningful workplaces. Finally, it is of paramount importance that every leader creates a holistic workplace culture, since it encourages employees through psychological support, emotional and financial development (Freed).

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Freed, Jann. "Effective Leaders Create Heasslthy Work Environments." The Public Manager. Accessed 12 April 2018.

January 19, 2024

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