The Role of Marketing in Amazon's Success

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Opportunity evaluation:

Amazon is now known worldwide with a customer base totaling million. Services have broadened courtesy of the dynamic nature of its clients; each base comes with own needs and innovative ideas which enables it to outsmart other companies. The prospect for growth remains optimally high, thanks to its obsession with customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness, which has accorded it a competitive advantage over its competitors. Nonetheless, it has gone beyond the customer focus to impact the economy in terms of job creation; a factor that has enabled it to remain relevant.

Business and marketing strategy:

The goals of Amazon are customer-oriented where it aims to ensure job creation, provision of customer needs, and identifying them. In order to achieve this, their strategy focuses on customer experience; convenience and a variety of merchandise for selection. Since their success has been entirely on loyalty from customers, they ensure that customer service is timely as well as functionalities that are easy to use. Its strategy is so dynamic and solely depends on the investor. Risks associated are very minimal; what the company can do is optimizing the chance.


Almost the entire running of the Amazon company is online; except for the physical offices and merchants' locations, customers make their purchases through the website. Operations management of the company is categorized based on the portfolio they run; from e-commerce, marketing, et cetera. Due to the company's global positioning; ranking first, cooperation between the different management levels can be a valid reason to support its effectiveness.

Analysis and recommendations:

Competency-based hiring; the company has done it effectively, maximization of opportunities, innovative ideas to outsmart their competitors. The company has maximized its advantage. Amazon should invest more.

October 24, 2023


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