The Role of SKJAJA Fund in the Community

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Brief Summary

SKJAJA Fund was founded in 2008 with the aim of connecting kids from less fortunate families to their communities by participating in extracurricular activities supported by the organization. By sponsoring of the activities not covered by other scholarships, SKJAJA helps students in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, North Carolina rediscover their talents and passion while bridging the financial gaps.  SKJAJA funding does not just end through paying for sports, art, or education, but the lucky recipients will “pay it forward” by participating in community service projects which go on even after the requirements have all been fulfilled.


SKJAJA Fund`s mission is to assist the less privileged students and children with the opportunity of participating and learning social and educational activities that are crucial in their upbringing. These activities may range from camps or sports, undertaking art or dance classes, educational trips and camps, and other related educational activities. At the end of these activities, the students will take a community service project overseen by SKJAJA Fund.

Services or Programs offered by SKJAJA Fund

The activities or programs that are provided through SKJAJA funding and are not covered under other scholarships include:

Summer camps

Music training lessons

Sports equipment and uniforms

Recreational sports

School field trips

International studies

Academic enrichment and tutoring

After school programs

Enrichment classes such as dance, art, gymnastics, taekwondo, and cooking

Populations Served by SKJAJA Fund

The programs and activities offered by SKJAJA Fund are meant for the children and students of Chapel Hill and Carrboro, North Carolina whose families are unable to pay for these services. Thus, enabling them to feel appreciated and as part of the community.

August 01, 2023

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