The Role of the American Revolution in the Development of Democracy in America

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The American Revolution and the Freedom Struggle

The American Revolution has worked consistently to bring freedom to a minority of the population who were suffering the wrath of slavery and oppression. In this case, freedom is a factor that has historically developed side by side with slavery. It is through continuous slavery of the minority populations that were under the oppression of the whites that they would finally recognize the need to speak out for their rights (Landsman 265). As they underwent consistent persecution, they had to reflect on a daily basis on the mechanisms that they would apply to set themselves free from the slavery that was taking place at the time.

Cultural Values and the Founding Fathers

Our founding fathers cannot be considered as hypocrites when it came to the freedom factor and existing cultural values. It is critical to observe that cultural values have for a long time evolved based on different generations. Also, interaction with people from different continents had a particular impact on cultural erosion. For instance, African Americans have gradually adopted the culture of the country as a result of interacting with the people of this origin (Landsman 334). For this reason, it is essential to acknowledge the spirit and efforts of our founding father in the historical context for the kind of work and effort they made to ensure that people were set free from racism and other forms of human oppression.

The Process of Colonization and the Formation of Unique Cultures

The process of colonization and the formation of unique cultures in America is a significant affair to the creation of the United States in 1776. It is through this process that different cultures were able to stand up to defend their position as humans. The breaking point that came with the colonial process is what ignited different parts of the world to stand up against racism which was a significant issue at the time. The method has great relevance in the history of America as it forms the basis by which people were able to discover the value of human rights and stop the tyrants who were taking slavery to a different level (Landsman 480). The process creates a benchmark by which people of different cultures can reflect upon the kind of growth they have undergone over the past years and from this, come up with better social and legal frameworks that will enhance humanity and co-existence between different people of diverse cultures.

Developing a Unique Identity in Colonial America

The development of a unique identity in colonial America is achieved by the realization that human nature must be respected. Being sensitive to humanity is the only way through which the country would gradually move away from racism and other forms of oppression of its people. Second, the concept of embracing diversity and welcoming different cultures with a common goal of setting a foundation for love and unity gives the country a unique identity to be proud of (Palmer 225). The need to recognize that indeed people could work together regardless of their skin tone or any other cultural affiliations presented a new team spirit that would move the country to the next level.

Inventing the Republic through the American Revolution

Inventing the Republic through the American Revolution was a way of increasing the voice of the people on the ground for them to be heard. In this case, after making progress on the kind of country people wanted, and doing away with factors of slavery, racism, and other forms of social injustice, it was necessary to ensure that power was evenly distributed. The people who for a long time had undergone slavery would now be granted certain forms of power that would give them the ability even to vote and elect leaders of their choice (Palmer 724). For this reason, the move was effected to ensure that the country had shifted entirely from the old ways and opened a new chapter for a free and democratic space for everyone, regardless of race or gender.

Democracy and the Pursuit of Social Justice

The ideas were based on democracy and the need to develop a free space for everyone living in the country. The need to ensure that people would access the basic needs that are required to sustain human life, including security, education, healthcare, and many others without any form of prejudice, were the major concerns of the movement (Palmer 836). At this point, the main concern was to ensure that people would access social amenities that were available in the country without any form of segregation that included the blacks and whites obtaining specific facilities. There are traces of injustices that are still being felt in America as a country. However, this cannot form the basis of criticism on the level of development of democracy and how it has evolved over the years. For instance, there still exists the feeling that black people are still under racism when it comes to law enforcement agencies and injustice. However, it can be easily termed that the efforts that were advanced by the revolution in a bid to seek freedom from slavery and set all human equal regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity, have had an achievement in the country. Democracy is continuous progress and improves as decades pass, which gives hope to the people who are still under the pressure of social injustice.

The Fruits of the American Revolution

There were no two American Revolutions between 1770 and 1790. The period was characterized by a significant movement that was aimed at setting the pace for freedom and democracy. The current state of the country comes as a result of the consistent fight for liberty and eradication of slavery. Even though the country still fights hard to do away with traces of racism and other forms of social injustice, it can be easily deduced that indeed the fruits of the movement between 1770 and 1790 for the call of freedom can be seen.

The Power of Institutions and the Struggle for Personal Freedom

America as a nation has grown and undergone a series of developments that it can make proud itself to date. In this case, many other countries have developed to adopt the system that grants institutions more power than individuals. The past situation that was witnessed is where specific individuals could hold the country hostage for the sake of personal benefits. For this reason, they would completely override over individuals who had no power and would not speak out on issues to present their interests. It is through giving various institutions in the country the ability to govern certain legal affairs that people would be stripped off personal powers. In this case, it was possible to enable convictions of both poor and rich people without any complications. This process would set a standard for people to respect different institutions and bodies of the country for fear of being arrested for criminal offenses, especially when it comes to social injustices.

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