The Role of Total Quality Management in Supply Chain Security

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The Security of the Supply Chain

The article by Lee and Whang (2005) states that the security of the supply chain is important and should be done at a lower cost. The impacts of terrorist acts on the supply chain have prompted both private and public sectors to reconsider the security aspect of the process. It is possible for contrabands and weapons of mass destruction to be embedded in shipments. Such incidences may bring insecurity and cause disruptions of the supply chain channels. The article claims that governments and the industries have created confidence in the supply chain security as they manage the smooth flow of products (Lee and Whang 289). The main aspect of supply chain security is attaining quality improvement at a relatively lower cost. The proper management approach is achieved through re-engineering operational processes, acquiring new technology, and utilizing an appropriate management approach.

Total Quality Management (TQM)

Total Quality Management (TQM) is an integrated approach aimed at attaining improved quality performance at all levels within an organization. There are various concepts of TQM that can be applied to reduce the chances of incurring risks such as poor decision making and low employee morale. TQM can be used to ensure that the well-performing employees of the organization boost productivity. The concepts of TQM require that employees be largely involved in the development of products/services. Involving the employees ensures that they are motivated to develop a culture of producing quality products and offering quality service (Lee and Whang 291). Alleviating the risk of poor decision making, concepts of TQM require that all decisions be made based on facts. The organization can engage in the collection of factual data that is analyzed to assist in decision making. Applying the concepts of TQM ensure that opinions and the unverified information are not used as a basis to make pertinent decisions in the organization.

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Lee, Hau L., and Seungjin Whang. "Higher supply chain security with lower cost: Lessons from total quality management." International Journal of production economics96.3 (2005): 289-300.

October 30, 2023

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