The Secret Movie Review

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If you're suffering from life problems or depression, The Secret could be the answer. But it doesn't really provide answers and just makes promises. The film is divided into three parts, two of which are downright depressing. But if you can get past those two parts, you should be fine.

The Sixth Secret

In The Sixth Secret movie review, I will point out that the film is a fun little item that keeps the audience on its toes. The premise, as described by its title, revolves around a mysterious lion that has escaped and caused a car accident. The story then shifts to an old-timey mansion, where strangers gather for a psychic reading.

The film is a decent enough mystery, but the extended flashbacks and plodding pace detract from the film's fun. For instance, the first extended flashback goes on too long and would have been better served with better writing. The second flashback is also unnecessary and redundant, and the third one only serves to allow the director to make a cameo.

This film premiered at the HOFF 2022 film festival in Estonia on April 30. It was directed by Mart Sander and has a running time of 1 hour and 30 minutes. It is made in English and stars Triin Lellep, Gregory Defleur, Ben Walton-Jones, Eha Urbsalu, Max Marcq, and Jim Sebastian Sharman.

The film takes place in a seance hall, and twelve people attend. Before midnight, a medium announces five secrets to the people gathered there. One of them is the darkest. As the secrets pile up, the body count rises. It seems like something out of a Hammer horror movie might be able to kill you. In the movie, the medium reveals secrets in flashbacks and real time, and the murder mystery is a fun over-the-top horror.

What We Do Is Secret

Despite its title, "What We Do Is Secret" doesn't seem as authentic as it sounds. Shot in flashbacks and the present tense, the movie follows the life of a young man named Crash. He answers questions that range from the absurd to the profound. He's a disturbed young man who uses the David Bowie song "Five Years" as his personal mantra, believing that five years is the length of his life.

The film is based on the life of Darby Crash, a member of the Los Angeles punk group The Germs. He was a front man for the band from 1975 to 1980, and was joined by fellow band members Rick Gonzalez, Bijou Phillips, and Noah Segan. In the film, Crash begins his sexuality and attempts to kick the drug heroin. During this time, he becomes an addict.

The film also includes new recordings of the band's songs. Although the film is a biopic about one member of the band, it doesn't elevate the material enough to be an entertaining film. It's also disappointingly familiar, lacking any genuine drama to make it stand out.

Argon's Secret

The premise of Argon's Secret is a simple one. An industrialist named Argon is on a mission to gain control over the world and obtain the power source that powers The Guard. However, he finds that a group of young adults has found this technology before Argon and are able to use it against him.

Charlie and his friends accidentally reveal the secret headquarters of the Guard, but when a signal comes from the Guard's G-Mobile, the Argon Tactical CEO Ansel Argon picks up the signal. He then gathers a team of mercenaries and begins his quest to bring down The Guard and retrieve the McGuffin. But when Argon discovers that he's fighting against kids, he realizes that his mission has become more challenging than he originally thought.

The kids are determined to defeat the adults who are trying to destroy them, and soon they discover that Argon is hiding in their home. They discover an elevator that leads to a secret underground lair where they find tons of alien technology. When they use this technology to build gadgets, the kids are able to defeat Argon. But while the kids are attempting to escape, the adults, including Argon and Irons, capture them. As they battle for their lives, they come to realize that they can't be separated forever.

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