the skin disease of vitiligo

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Vitiligo: A Skin Depigmentation Disorder

Vitiligo is a condition characterized by skin depigmentation. The condition is distinguished by acquired, idiopathic, and advanced hypomelanosis of both the skin and the scalp, as well as a total absence of melanocytes microscopically (Yaghoobi, Omidian, and Bagherani). It happens at a scale of around 0.1 to 2 percent all over the world. It is a significant skin condition and it has a significant impact on the quality and life of those who suffer from it. It can cause mental stress for those who are suffering from, necessitating medication. Many studies and article have been published on the condition including its causes, treatment, effects, its management, its origin, the possible initial signs. This paper reviews Cutan Surg’s 2013 article A New Era of Vitiligo Research and Treatment.

A New Era of Vitiligo Research and Treatment

The article opens by giving some background to the skin disorder and reminding the readers that the disorder has reached a level that research has taken a multipronged approach in dealing with the condition. In the same regard, the author tells us that in achieving the goal of effectively tackling the condition it is very critical to define both the roadmap and the roadblocks. The article tries to clear the air by reminding the readers that the Vitiligo Global Issues Consensus Conference in the recent past have changed what makes a condition qualify to be referred to as vitiligo. It is important as it give the readers a good perspective of what the disease is and not just anything that looks or resembles vitiligo is vitiligo.

The Need for Further Research

According to the article, there are yet many unmet prognoses based on the classification given by the conference. It gives the readers a good highlight in terms of where the disease has come. Recent data has shown that vitiligo is one of the T-cell mediated and an autoimmune disease (Surg 63). The author ties the article to some of the past studies, giving the figures and findings, which paints a good picture of where the world is at in the efforts to handle the disease more comprehensively. Unlike many other article, the author points to the issue of defining the condition as one of the significant bottlenecks that the world faces in dealing with the condition.

Goals of Vitiligo Treatment

The authors give a different approach to understanding treatment of the skin disorder. Any vitiligo treatment has two major goals (Surg 63). The first is stopping the arrest of more depigmentation and second is inducing the repigmentation. The article highlights what the two goals mean and how both of them can be achieved. It deviates from most of the existing literature works and points out that only very few of the studies have considered the disease activity as one of the most critical issues.

A Comprehensive Outlook

In brief, the article adds so much to what is already out there with regards to vitiligo. It reminds the reader of what qualifies to be considered as vitiligo, the data and the main goals of any vitiligo treatment. It gives a direction for future approach in dealing with the condition which addresses the development of fresh molecules rather than dealing with the agents used for other various diseases. The article fails to go into much details, however, it is a very informative read for anyone who wishes to understand more on vitiligo and how to tackle the disorder.

Works Cited

Surg, Cultan Aesthet. "A New Era of Vitiligo Research and Treatment." PubMed (2013): 63 - 64. Web.

Yaghoobi, R, M Omidian and N Bagherani. "Vitiligo: a review of the published work." PubMed (2011): 419 - 431. Web.

January 05, 2023

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