The Solar System and Universe

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The Universe and the Solar System

The Universe is composed of house and its contents which include planets, moons stars, and galaxies, elements of intergalactic space and other objects and energies. At the moment, the vastness of the Universe is still mysterious. Since the past, a range of scholars developed explanations concerning the shape of the universe eventually placing the solar at the middle of the solar device coupled with the laws of planetary motion. Advanced research installed that the solar system is located in one of the numerous galaxies known as the Milky Way galaxy. The universal assumption is that galaxies are evenly distributed hence the universe doesn’t have a center.

The Big Bang Theory

Several theories have been developed to explain the development of the universe. For instance, the big bang theory which is the dominant one purports that space and time emerged approximately 13 billion years ago (Martin and Livio 2). The energy and matter expanded and then cooled leading to the formation of subatomic masses and atoms. Giant clouds then merged to create stars and galaxies among other heavenly bodies. There are other conflicting assumptions and hypotheses including the supposition that other Universes exist.

The Solar System

The Solar System being part of the universe is made up of the sun and objects which move directly or indirectly around it in a fixed axis. Large planets, dwarf planets and small bodies all orbit around the sun directly. Those that orbit indirectly are the moons (Stern 42). Apparently, the solar system was formed 4.6 billion years ago due to the collapse of an interstellar cloud. The well-known planets of the solar system include Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Examples of dwarf planets are Pluto and Eris. Comets, centaurs and dust clouds also move freely between planets. It is important to note that the solar system is located 26,000 light years from the middle of the Milky Way specifically at the Orion Arm (NASA).

Neil Armstrong and the Moon Landing

Neil Armstrong was among the first Americans who landed on the Moon.

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