Analysis of Apollo 13

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Apollo 13

Apollo 13 refers to an American Space Docudrama movie or rather film which was released in 1995 and directed by a Ron Howard. The film starts well-known actors such as Tom Hanks, Gary Sinise, as well as Bill Paxton and Kevin Bacon. The film follows an the story of astronauts scheduled mission bound for the moon, in the film, astronauts Lovell, Swigert, as well as Haise are scheduled to fly Apollo 14 to the moon, however, they are moved up to 13; hence, the primary setting of the film is Apollo 13 (Howard). En-route, an onboard explosion occurs which deprives the entire spacecraft most of its electric power as well as oxygen supply. Following this, NASA is forced to devise a strategy and abort the moon landing in an effort to return the men safety as the prospects of a safe return fade. Generally, the film dramatizes the US 1970 Apollo 13 lunar mission which was aborted (Howard).

Historical Accuracy

Based on the true events or rather story of the ill-fated US 13th Apollo mission which was bound for the US, the film Apollo 13 to a great extent offers a historically accurate story of the mission. Concerning this, the film director, Ron Howard goes to great lengths in an effort to create what can be termed as a technically accurate film consequently, in employing NASA's technical assistance; thus in astronaut as well as flight controller training; thus for the film's cast. Further to increase the technical accuracy of the film, Howard also sought permission to screen some of the film's scenes in one of NASA's reduced gravity aircraft in order to provide a somewhat realistic depiction of what is termed as weightlessness experienced by the three astronauts while in space (Howard).

Attention to Detail

Perhaps what I like most about Apollo 13 is the fact that the film which is a portrayal of the 1970 US lunar mission, is directed with not only single mindedness and ultimately attention to detail which ultimately makes it riveting. Concerning this, the film pays a lot of attention to details and as such the director does not add any subplots in order to popularize the material. Generally, countless details to a great extent are exactly the same from the change/deviation of the initial plans to board Apollo 14, to astronauts boarding the spacecraft, the inside of the cabin, the lift-off inclusive of the chilling sight of Apollo 13's oxygen supply venting into space. What I also liked about the Film also creates increased knowledge of the actual events surrounding the 1970 ill-fated Apollo 13 and its failed mission.


Conclusively, from the movie, I learned a number of things such as the workings of NASA, as well as the advancements of the US with regard to space exploration as early as the 970s. I also got a chance to have a clear view of the historical Apollo 13.



Work Cited

Howard Ron (Director). “Apollo 13”. [Motion Picture]. Universal Pictures, (1995).

November 13, 2023

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