The Spread of Infectious Diseases Essay

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Infectious diseases are diseases caused by micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi. Infectious diseases can be spread from one individual to another through various forms of interaction. Individual behaviors tend to increase in the spread of various infectious diseases and this makes it one of the leading causes of death in the world.

The spread of most viruses is through the interaction of bodily fluids and sexual intimacy leads to the spread through sex or kissing. One’s behavior regarding sexual interactions with various individuals leads to the spread of diseases such as HIV  and Hepatitis. Most individuals who have multiple sexual partners without knowing their medical statuses are at risk of contracting various infectious diseases (Kenrad 2012).. An individual’s exposure to certain animals and insects also increases a person chance of getting infectious diseases. Insects such as mosquito-spread malaria and are rampant in Africa and Asia. Drug usage also plays a role in the transmission of infectious diseases. The poor addicts tend to share syringes in the course of injecting themselves with drugs. These syringes are never treated and can transmit diseases from one person to another through blood transfusion. Syringe use among addicts has been a challenge in the fight against infectious diseases in any population. Certain diseases tend to be spread through direct or indirect contact with contaminated surfaces, vomit, and stool. This is mainly through water and food. Examples of this are cholera, salmonella typhoid, and norovirus.

Broader cultural beliefs and traditions also impact a lot when it comes to the spread of infectious diseases. In certain communities that practice female circumcision and the inheritance of widows, transmission of diseases tend to be rampant in such situations as people tend to be ignorant on the risks that this exposes them to regarding infections (Kenrad 2012). Community conditions also play a role in the spread of diseases as you will find that infection rates are high in slums as compared to suburban neighborhoods.  Slums tend to have very poor drainage and health services which is a key driver of infections among the resident.


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and C F Masters Williams. Epidemiology of infectious disease: General Principles. Johns Hopkins University. Internet resource.2012

August 04, 2023

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