The Stamp Act Resolutions of 1765

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Reflecting on the informational content presented in the excerpt on the Stamp Act resolutions, one would say that these resolves changed the lives of the Great Britain subjects living within this particular American province in the sense that they acquired information about the extension of their home-based rights and freedoms in this foreign territory. The Enlightenment can be said to have influenced societal conflicts between the aboriginal people of this province and the British subjects living there for they were now aware of the common rights that guided their existence there, and they would do anything just to become and live as equals. Also, the protection of Britain subjects from any trials presided by the admiralty court of this province might trigger increased crime rates among the same subjects for they know they are untouchable since the royal charter protects them. The enlightenment empowered the Britain subjects to own properties for they could not be taken from them and even they were entitled to the common rights that were consistent with the law of nature and God as per the British constitution.   

Influence of the Great Awakening

Performing a public education on these resolutions would lead to an awakening that consequently would change the lives of the Britain subjects as a whole. The fact that they would be informed of what privileges, immunities, rights and freedoms to enjoy within this American province, this would lead to aligning of their behaviors to such constitutional provisions for they know they would be highly protected. For example, these aboriginals would be able to work and own properties since the common law protects them from extortion or illegal repossession of properties belonging to another person. Also, the subjects would be free from admiralty court trials and an imposition of taxes by the American government so long as they remain loyal to Great Britain as well as pay their taxes to the same.

Influence of the Common Law

The resolutions presented through this excerpt have disclosed the common rights which should be entitled to every man irrespective of the nationality. Therefore, one would say that these rights contribute to the common law upon which justice matters are handled with fairness and equality. Whether a Britain subject or a Native American, the resolutions presented in common law within this particular province would push the inhabitants to fight for equality in resource distribution as well as justice service. The common law would create an avenue for partnerships in business ownership and even promote peace between the Britain subjects and the ordinary citizens. Residents of this province would have equal opportunities in national development participation and job acquisition.    

Influence of the Republican Ideology

The resultant situation from the Republican ideology presented by this excerpt would be political and economic rivalries between the aboriginal British subjects of this province and the Americans living in their midst. The fact that the Great Britain loyalties had been informed of their common rights, immunities, and privileges they were supposed to enjoy in this American province, this would lead to wrangles for political and economic power between these two parties, with an aim of establishing a apt position which either serve equality or makes the British subjects the superiors. Thus, there would be contest rooted in the desire for power over each other. Therefore, the Republican ideology that these Stamp Act resolutions of 1765 present, it has a negative influence on the Britain subjects since they would implement the same in a way that undermines the lives of the co-existing American communities.     

June 09, 2022
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