The Story of Hyena and Monkey

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Once upon a time, there lived two very old monkeys in a papyrus jungle. They lived as husband and wife. The husband got too old and became sick. He subsequently died following the weakened immunity of his body. The mother monkey was pregnant, and she gave birth to two lovely babies. She named them Jack and Mick. The two were both boys, and they grew up under the suggestions of their mother. They respected their mother and would always assist her in performing house duties. After some time, they had grown mature, and the mother had told them the a variety of things that they were required to do and what to avoid.
“My children, you are now grown-ups. You must avoid our foes and learn to stay with our friends.” Said the mother monkey. “mum, who are our friends and who are our foes?” asked Jack. “Now my children, look here, our friends are those people who have good motives about us and will always be there to support us. On the other hand, our enemies are those people who have ill motives about us and can harm or even kill us. You must avoid such people.” The old mother told her children. “We shall always obey your words mum,” said Mick. “Now, I want to leave you alone because I am visiting my old friend.” The old monkey told the kids. “No problem mum, we shall take care of ourselves.” Jack and Mick assured their mother.

All along, there was a hyena who has been watching over the two young monkeys with an evil motive. He had been waiting for an opportunity where he could get the young monkeys alone. No, this was the best opportunity to unleash his intentions. His mouth was always watered with the imagination of feasting on the flesh of the two well-fed monkeys. He waited until the mother monkey had vanished entirely and now come down to the papyrus jungle. The two young monkeys were up on a bamboo tree.

“Hey young friends, could you please come down we have some good time together?” pleaded the hungry Hyena. When the two monkeys saw the awful looking Hyena, they were surprised. Jack warned Mick of getting down. “no, you have big teeth, you are our enemy, our mother cautioned us against interacting with our enemies.” Mick shouted at the Hyena. “Oh no, are guys out of your sense? How can it happen that I am your enemy? I am your friend. I want us to be friends and have a jungle walk. I will protect you from anyone with bad motives.” Persuaded the Hyena. “Our mother told us that we have to remain upon this bamboo until the flowers blossom before making friends with strangers,” Jack told the desperate Hyena. “Ok, mothers are always right. See you in future friends.” The angry Hyena replied.

The hungry Hyena knew that things had gone haywire. His strategy had not worked. Meanwhile, the little monkeys knew that the Hyena had gone out of the jungle. However, the unconvinced Hyena was now thinking of the best technique to use to win the trust of the young monkeys. He desperately wanted to feast on them. After some time, the bamboo flowers started blossoming. The Hyena knew that the right time had come to revisit the two monkeys. He knew that the monkeys had no excuse any longer.

“Hey, friends, things are now good, you can now come down very fast we have a deal. Flowers are already out.” The Hyena said it is smiling. The little monkeys were almost out of options. Jack thought very fast. He responded to the Hyena. “Now Mr. Hyena, this is the final condition that our mother gave us. “Before anyone can be your friend, make them jump down this cliff with a sharpened bamboo in the mouth. That will prove the loyalty to us.” Mr. Hyena, are you willing to take the assignment?” The Hyena got perplexed with the condition. He knew that things would not turn out to be good. However, to proof his “loyalty” to them, he did as he was told. Jack had already sharpened a bamboo. Hyena inserted it into the mouth and jumped down the cliff.

On falling at the base of the cliff, Hyena screamed with pain. The bamboo had pierced and stuck in the Hyena’s mouth. Soon the mother of the monkeys arrived. The boys explained precisely what had happened. She became so happy that they were such intelligent. The Hyena died, and the monkeys lived peacefully in the jungle.

Analysis of the short story

In the short story composed above, the elements of a short fiction such as setting, character, plot, conflict, and theme are well demonstrated. The context of this story was based on a historical time. The opening statement of this story shows that the story was set a long time ago. The geographical setting of this story was on a papyrus jungle. All the characters interact in this locality.

For the case of characters, animal characters were given human attributes. The element of personification was well used. The story started with two old monkeys who gave birth to Jack and Mick. The young ones were both males. Besides, Hyena was another character. He interacted with Jack and Mick when the mother monkey was away. Jack, Mick, and Hyena formed a more significant part of the story. Therefore, they may be regarded as main characters.

In this story, a simple plot was used. The flow of events in this story is pretty much straightforward. One event leads to another. However, one cannot easily predict the next event. Conversations are well utilized in this story.

The element of conflict is well illustrated in this story. After the mother monkey went to visit her old friend, Hyena took advantage of the opportunity because he wanted to feast on the young monkeys. However, with the instructions that the mother had already told them, the Hyena had a terrible moment trying to convince the two. They had a disagreed over the proposed meeting by the Hyena. It was out of this disagreement the Hyena eventually died.

The story has different themes. One of the is the aspect of loyalty. The young monkeys obeyed the instructions of their mother. They assisted her with the daily chores. Even with the pieces of advice that they gave them, they followed her. In fact, the reason why they could not believe the statements that the Hyena was making was because they were following their mother’s warnings.

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