The strength of Indian economy

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Demography and natural resources

Demography and natural resources are the backbones of the Indian economy. India is endowed with abundant natural resources such as iron, manganese, and coal. Second, India is one of the countries with a positive birth rate and the most productive youth population (Dahlman, 2005). The big population creates an excellent workforce for the foreseeable future. Increased workforce contributes to more capital and investment, which boosts productivity.

High interest rates and inflation

High interest rates are one of India's biggest vulnerabilities, affecting investment. Low earnings result from high input costs. If this is passed on to consumers, it leads to inflation, damaging India's economy. Also, fluctuations in crude prices affect the economy because India is more dependent on import of crude (Madan, 2010). Therefore, any variation in prices will affect the economy.

India's economic growth and factors contributing to it

India is one of the fastest growing economies it has the highest population as well as a bustling manufacturing sector. India is known to save a lot, which helps it to stabilize and grow. All in all, there are factors that contribute to its overall performance and growth in the economic sector. Energy and oil is an essential commodity that affects the economic growth of India. Also, India has a very steady flow of capital and stock exchange from local investors and foreign investors. Besides, natural and human resources, as well as political factors, have contributed to the country's overall performance.

Differences in healthcare between India and the U.S.

Although India is fast in economic growth, it differs widely with U.S when it comes to healthcare. Access to mental health services for patients with mental disorders remains low in India than in the U.S (Gupta, Guin & Trivedi, 2013). This is because in the United States information system for mental health in low and middle class in the U.S is adequate unlike India where there is inadequate information, treatment coverage and quality of services provided (Upadhaya, 2016).


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June 06, 2023


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