The IOM Future of Nursing

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The IOM Future of Nursing report is a significant assessment of the profession, with suggestions focused on nurses' roles. This is especially true given the American population's shifting demographics, which are aging and becoming more diverse. The suggestions in the IOM report are focused with the interplay between patients' evolving health requirements and the workforce's readiness to cope with them effectively.

Increasing the Number of Nurses with a Bachelor Degree

One of the IOM Future of Nursing report's recommendations is to increase the number of nurses with a bachelor degree by 80 percent by the end of the decade. This is important from a personal perspective since I am currently pursuing a baccalaureate degree. The report recommends the strengthening of avenues through which individuals can work towards a baccalaureate degree in nursing be it through the classic entry-level route or through the associate degree route. This is important especially considering that it will substantially contribute to the quality of healthcare in the United States. With a baccalaureate degree in nursing, nurses can offer better patient care in addition to being better equipped in terms of communication skills, leadership skills, and critical thinking skills.

Increasing the Number of Ph.D. Nurses

The fifth recommendation of the report cites doubling the number of Ph.D. nurses. This something I would like to pursue later on in my career. A doctorate degree in nursing is of importance because one becomes an acknowledged expert in nursing in addition to being involved in policy matters and getting involved in administration. The fact that one can also open their own practice with a doctoral degree in nursing is also an added incentive when it comes to advancing my education further. Recommendation 6 is concerned with encouraging lifelong learning among nurses. In my opinion, this is important because a nurse must always be informed in today's healthcare which is very dynamic. "Lifelong learning involves seeking and appreciating new worlds or ideas in order to gain a new perspective as long as questioning one's environment, knowledge, skills, and interactions" (Davis, Taylor, & Reyes, 2014).

The Role of Advanced Degrees in Nursing

An advanced degree in nursing is necessary for one's career prospects. One can land a good job without necessarily pursuing an advanced degree in nursing. However, an advanced degree increases the chances of doing so. A bachelor's or associate degree in nursing from an approved nursing program earns a median pay of $65,470. However, with an advanced degree such as a master's degree in nursing, the median salary can make about $20,000 more (Smith- Barrow, 2015). As such, the financial investment involved in pursuing an advanced degree in nursing pays off eventually. A nurse's role in healthcare also changes as their level of education increases. With the complexity of healthcare increasing, nurses with a higher level of education are now being involved in making critical decisions. Nurses with advanced levels of education are also increasingly being asked to help with the management of patients as primary care providers. A nurse with an advanced degree in nursing can also take up a role in administration, which is a great avenue for career advancement.

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May 17, 2023


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