The study sought to determine whether wearing dental prostheses could result in foreign body systemic granulomatosis.

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The primary reason for researching the issue is to contribute to medical information on how foreign bodies affect body reactions and failing body organs.

Details on how prostheses implanted in different body parts will wear and release debris in body joints and lymph nodes, causing granulomatosis, help to explain the issue.

The key points of the speaker include the fact that systemic granulomatosis is more common than neoplasms or autoimmune conditions in patients with fever for more than a year.

The writers concluded that in malocclusion and bruxism conditions, dental porcelain wears and causes systemic foreign-body granulomatosis. Visceral sprouting of inorganic debris from prosthetic devices and during localized inflammatory reactions, lymphatic and venous migration of foreign materials from silicon nodules makes the spreading mechanisms.

The author uses a case study for a 62-year-old white businessperson who was admitted to the hospital suffering from acute renal failure, fever, and general malaise.

The most significant results as presentment in the table included the revelation of a liver and spleen enlargement associated with mild mediastinic and abdominal lymphoadenomegaly. The author did not note any unexpected results

The research forms basis for future work on how physicians ought to be aware of the possible presence of debris particles forms dental prostheses causing adverse effects. It also propagates further research on the topic of how wearing and spreading of prosthesis foreign particles in the body.

The research has an unrepresentative study population. The authors used one patient with a worn dental prosthesis for the study. They failed to include other patients without worn prosthesis but with exposure to industrial pollutants or the equipment for better results.

January 05, 2023

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