The Style and Structure Employed in Sirens by Ulysses

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The poem starts in a setting shrouded in terror after a fierce war that resulted in the deaths of soldiers and the fall of Troy. This was the time considered suitable for the inspiring songs that Odyssey demands from Muse and imagines her singing through him. The main purpose of this response is to examine the structure and style of the novel as defined by the poet. The poet begins his narrative from the music point of perspective, as the author says, Sing to me of the man, Muse, the man of twists and turns driven time and again off course, once he had plundered the hallowed heights of Troy, this is a clear representation of Joyce’s figurative literary skills (Joyce 245). The use of music across the novel brings out the inner meaning of the joy, consolation, and the inspiration attached to Wars in Greece, Spartan, and Troy amid anguish and defeat. This style of writing is profound in that, its accompanied with the feelings and frustrations faced by the recipients. Therefore, Joyce uses this literary skill in her piece of art to bring life and show congruence between the loss of the soldiers during the war and the demands of desolate Kingdom. The kingdom remained desolate under the hands of Prince Telemachus after his father getting locked in Ogygia Island (Joyce 278).

Also, the author use third narration as the style in this chapter of the novel. The beauty of this narration relays the exact meaning and broad spectrum of the unlimited use of characters, experience and activities faced in the novel, and the different places in which the novel covers. The novel covers both Troy, Ogygia, and the battle field at the same time. This is made possible by the narrator’s broad perspective which is enriched by the use of third persona in her literary piece of art (Joyce 276).

The different styles and forms of writing makes the novel unravel the vast meaning in the intended by the author to relay to the audience. In regard to this, the author employs the use of numerous opening remarks of music and third person narration in most of the chapters, that is chapter -1-6. This defined the style and structure of the novel.

Work Cited

Joyce, James. Ulysses:" Wandering rocks,"" Sirens,"" Cyclops" &" Nausicaa": a facsimile of, manuscripts & typescripts for episodes 10-13. Vol. 13. Facsimiles-Garl, 1977.

October 07, 2021

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