The Truth of Life

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The truth of life can only be realized by believing in God and his only son Jesus Christ who died because its only in believing that you can realize the reality of life being that our lives are not controlled by us but a supreme being; the Almighty. Now days when money has been put before everything you need guidance from the Holy spirit for you to remain in the ways of the Lord. Despite the pain we must continue believing in His works.

I agree that Clydette’s writing to her friend contains a lot about the truth of life. Despite her mother being so ill she is still grateful that she is around and suffering. She sees something better in the midst of the great pain being caused by her mother being ill. The neighbor who was sick has died but she believes that our life is not controlled by any man but the Almighty. The one thing I can say to Clydette is that she should continue believing in the works of the Lord and continue praying for the spirit of God to continue giving her strength. Also believing that God is control is the only way she will keep moving on despite the situation.

From Clydette’s situation we can gratitude, despite the fact that her mother is grave ill she is thankful that she is still around she see her. She is also hopeful that her mother will get well soon despite the fact that her friend in the room has passed she still hopes her mother will not soon follow the same route. I can also see love in the situation, Clydette admits that she is not ready to say goodbye to her mother as early as now, this is because of the love she has for her mother. Through the few sentences we can also see direction and focus; she is focused on ensuring that her mother gets well. We can see direction in that she admits it’s a loss and fight for those of us still on earth as we continue with our journey of going to our creator and therefore we should be focused on ensuring that we live a righteous life.


In conclusion, from Clydette’s situation we learn that we should be able to thank God and continue believing in His mighty works. We should be able to count and be grateful of our blessings despite the pain we might be in. we should also change our priorities and work toward listening to the voice of Jesus Christ as he calls to live our lives in a righteous manner. We should also have hope in this life and the next life after we die to go unite with our creator.

October 13, 2023

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