The use of Raga in Indian Classical Music

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An essential structure in Indian classical music, raga is literally translated as "that which colors the individual's thoughts." Raga is more than simply a scale; it is a mix of the scale and the established guidelines for using the pitches and scale. This feature elevates raga to the level of a masterpiece rather than a scale. In the esoteric teachings, many raga types are actually employed to influence the energies or moods of the body of Indian classical music. The performance of Indian Classical Music is set actually to the melodic pattern, raga, which is characterized partly by specific descent and ascent which may not be similar. Moreover, each raga has a unique natural register as well as the glissando rules together with features that are specific to diverse compositions and styles within the structure of raga ("Music Of India - New World Encyclopedia"). Indeed, usually, performances are distinguished by significant improvisations in these forms.

The Indian Classical Music in nature is monophonic and is based on a one melody line that is played on a fixed drone. Its performance is melodically based on certain ragas and the rhythm is based on talas. Amir Khusrau is the most prominent musician from the period of Delhi Sultanate who is commonly referred to as the father of the Hindustani classical music. He is known for synthesizing a number of Hindustani music aspects in addition to introducing the ragas Sarparda and Zeelaf ("Music Of India - New World Encyclopedia"). From the video Raga: a personal introduction by Ravi Shankar, it is evident that the Indian Classical music has a musical tradition that is filled with complexity that is merged to establish a beautifully balanced raga exhibition (Shankar).

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April 13, 2023

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