The Use of Relational Database in Air Indiana

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Air Indiana Airlines and Relational Database

Air Indiana is an airline service provider that focuses on offering skydiving training and lessons to customers through a student program as well as providing recreational jumps for the customers who are not in the student program (Air Indiana n.p). The Air Indiana service can benefit from the use of the relational database as a result of the relationships that must be maintained for the services to be achieved. The first operation that will benefit from the use of relational database involves assigning pilots to flights. The flight number and the pilot ID will act as the primary keys to determine the relationship. Secondly, services offered to students and customers can be aligned in the database through the use of Student ID and Customer ID in relation to the flight number. The company can benefit from relational databases in the two operations, including pilot assignment to flights and skydiving training and services to students and customers respectively.

Requirement Analysis Phase

The requirement analysis phase is important for the provision of stakeholder data and information required to prevent future shortcomings in the use of the relational database (Rosenblum n.p). On the part of the students and customers, the most important information required to consist of names, ID numbers and type of service to be offered, that is either skydiving training for students or recreational jumping for customers. On the other hand, the pilot information will include names, pilot ID, level of experience and the flight number to the fight they will be assigned. Lastly, the flight information will consist of the flight number, departure time and arrival time. The information and data collected from the stakeholders will be significant for the creation of the foreign keys and primary keys during the preliminary design phase of the relational database.

Works cited

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September 11, 2023

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