The Value of Viral Marketing to SellShed

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Viral Marketing and Its Benefits

Viral marketing involves the use of viral strategies that are usually well designed to make the marketing of a product viral. Viral marketing, therefore, ensures that a product obtains and acquires the required attention in the market. It also ensures that sales are generated from the messages that are shared through the internet which are known to spread fast. Viral marketing, therefore, occurs when the users of the internet are able to share the messages willingly as much as possible among themselves and their friends to generate sales. Social networks such as Facebook and Google play have made viral marketing easy for many users as it makes the sharing of messages quick and easy. The ability of the users to share the messages, therefore, makes sharing of the messages, therefore, promoting viral marketing (Leskovec, Adamic, & Huberman, 2007).

The Advantages of Viral Marketing for Sell Shed

The case study reveals that the application used by the Sell Shed's social networking permits the users to share the listings of the products with their friends both on Google Plus and Facebook which are also social networks that are very influential. This aspect, therefore, ensures that a large mass of people is reached therefore promoting the product. For the business customers of Sell Shed, viral marketing provided numerous advantages to them in many ways. The ability of the users to share the messages of Facebook and Google plus helped to reduce the general costs of marketing that the business customers would have incurred to market their products. When the users share the messages, the market the products for the business customers, therefore, helping to cut down the costs of dispersion making it unnecessary for the business customers to buy spaces to advertise as well as saving the costs of advertising through media and other sources (Munter, & Hamilton, 2013).

The Value of Viral Marketing for Sell Shed

Another value that Sell Shed acquires from the social networking website allowing the users to share the listings of the products with their friends on the other social sites is the advantage of having an increased potential to reach an increased audience internationally without them having to put much effort in investing their finances on the international countries. Additionally, Sell Sheds also is able to reach a large audience without incurring any additional costs. This advantage increases the ability of Sell Shed to advance in its activities as the users ensure that the products of the company are marketed to a large audience. Another advantage that SellSheds obtains is that the viral marketing is highly initiated by the users who choose to share the products both on Google plus and on Facebook. When these users share the messages, the products are therefore marketed to an audience. This kind of marketing is therefore not invasive as it comes directly from the users, therefore, portraying a positive perspective of the product making it easy for other users to be eager about using these products due to the positive perception that the users bring out about the product by sharing them. Unlike the other classical advertisement forms, viral marketing, therefore, makes a product more appealing to consumers. SellSheds, therefore, benefits as its products are more likely to be consumed willingly by consumers, therefore, increasing their sales. Lastly, viral marketing enables SellSheds to build up their brands as the users who share the messages about these products are personally connected to the brand. By sharing with their friends about the brands, they not only help to bring new customers to SellShed but also ensure that there is continued consumption of these products as these users become loyal consumers of these products. This ensures that the SellShed brands are built (Henderson, 2014).

The Worth and Growth of SellShed

Since the development of the application, SellShed has helped in increasing the sales of the company. The application is available all over the world where users can download the application for free from Google Play and iTunes for both Android and Ios users. After downloading the application, users and traders can then use the application to buy and sell products on groups including on Facebook SellShed is currently known to have about more than thirteen thousand users and the online community is seen to be growing at a fast rate. The application is easy to use therefore enables the users to create a list of items for sale in less than thirty seconds. The application also helps the users to get what they want at the comfort of their pockets (Doran, 2016).

The Value and Worth of SellShed

The worth of SellShed as a company depends on the number of users. The worth and value of the company, therefore, increase when the number of users increases. The co-founders of the SellShed Company report acquiring a turnover of over one point five million dollars per year. The online social projects are estimated to be of more than eighteen million users every month and have more than a hundred thousand members. The co-founders are well known for their ability to quickly create online social communities, therefore, they have used the strategy to increase the number of users and attract more people in the social communities, therefore, increasing their customer base. The strong development team that is made up of experienced developers also help to boost the operations of the company increasing their profits. Since their big launch in October, SellSheds has reported an increase in the number of new users and has attracted more than three hundred dollars in the private capital that has been aimed to help in developing the company. They intend to use the money that was raised in developing the platform as well as marketing the platform. These development and marketing strategies are aimed to increase the customer base for the company and increase the number of users for the platform. Increasing the number of users will help to market the products of the business customers as well as help to market the platform to a large population therefore increasing the coverage of the application as users who share the products on the social sites will not only market the product but also the company therefore increasing the customer base since using the platform helps to increase its value as it attracts more users (Howell, 2017).


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