The Walt Disney Company Headquarters

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Theories of Management

The article by the name ‘Walt Disney Company Headquarters, Burbank, California,' contains several theories of management. These theories are implemented to increase the productivity of an organization and improve its services. Successful managers incorporate several concepts depending on what they want to achieve.

Management Problems at Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company Headquarters initially had management problems. One of their major challenges was poor relationships between suppliers, the CEO, and the employees. Here the CEO applied the management theory X where he tended to believe only himself and had a strong personality. This interferes with relationships in the place of work where the shareholders and the suppliers may be demoralized. As a result, these people may be scared away. Consequently, the workflow in an organization is interrupted. For instance, the predecessor boss of the company had such kind of management and broke their relationship with partners including Pixar Studios, and the CEO who replaced him had to repair it for future working together. This is an issue which could be solved by a type of management that understands that every person in the company is essential and failure of one causes the whole system to fail.

Management of the Brand

Another challenge conveyed is the management of the brand. It should be every company's priority to protect the brand. A brand is a symbol of the company and protecting it helps the customers identify products from a particular organization. For example, Disney was felt to be too old and also not attracting many customers. Branding it was necessary as this would improve its reputation and increase the number of customers of its brand. As a result, many people would trust the company.

October 30, 2023

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