Thematic Focus of the Film V for Vendetta

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James McTeigue, the V for Vendetta film director, employs a touch of dialogue, costume, symbolism, and various notable themes to emphasize on the idea that any individual subject to the right course of national duty as well as the right to individuality is obliged to reject forced conformism. The film gives a considerable hint which relates to the aspects of freedom and anarchy. Therefore, the thematic focus of V for Vendetta is to expose the relationship prevailing between disorder and freedom or the absence of a government.  Overall, the plot of the film gives a reflection of how various concerns have an association with the quest for freedom. The introductory stage of the film sets the environment which directly describes how most governments operate.

            In the film, V for Vendetta, the whole nation gets explicitly galvanized in an unchecked type of mass surveillance undertaken by its authorities. At the same time, the events subject to the film seem quite absurd since one may come up with a conclusion that in the V for Vendetta film, there exists an authoritative leader who leads with no remorse or empathy. Besides, the voice of ‘fate’ manages to brainwash the leader. The V for Vendetta film describes a nation of people who manage to let their self-liberty slip away for an extended period, before ultimately realizing how they have no liberty left. As a result, the film provides an extreme case which impacts the living of most citizens.

            On the other hand, the wrong undertakings subject to the worldly endeavors again get highlighted from the perspective which relates to any fictional narrative. The name V commensurates various themes associated with the perfect voice, the extraordinary villain, as well as the untouchable victor, operating in the current world. In the film, evil-doing endeavors, for instance, the resignation, the fear, and laziness need to get eliminated. In the process, political conflicts and themes associated with anarchism and fascism earn exposure, and one can examine their aspects.

            Additionally, the fascist dictatorship depicted through the film seems to have strong links with a specific corporate body whose five institutions would strategically get identified. The surveillance agencies, typically defined as ‘The Eye’ would act as a watchdog over the citizens. The branch dealing with detecting any activity would get branded the name ‘The Nose.’ Such symbolism would hint out the specific fact that detectives assist sniff-out most of their target suspects just in the same way dogs searching and hunting for bones do. ‘The Mouth’ would serve as the state-controlled media where it could spread propaganda throughout the society. Finally, the institution tasked with the duty of enhancing law enforcement would get identified as ‘The Fingers’ when referring to officers, or they would merely get identified as Fingermen.

            V for Vendetta targets a mature audience (especially the adult population) since it has the intention to educate the masses on several topics, for instance, anarchy, murder, fascism, rape, and prostitution. Other age groups subject to the population, particularly children may enjoy how the film gets depicted, but they may not have the full comprehension of the symbolism and the political narrative exposed by the film. The film embraces philosophical ideologies as well as violence which may mainly seem advanced to most youthful viewers.

            Through the film, viewers are provoked to think about the question related to power and authority and how they affect the society. Comparisons made on leadership styles such as anarchy and fascism ideologies earns various forms of symbolic names that identify with multiple authoritative institutions that have authority over the ruled society. As a result, viewers may think deeply about the world where they should focus living in for the rest of their lives. Living in the land where an individual chooses what they want (engaging in chaos) or living in an area where someone undertakes any activity with peace and no disturbance (enjoying total freedom) may get considered by viewers. Overall, the film describes the possibilities of an individual who takes the control initiative of acting against the imposed government.


The dominant message drawn from V for Vendetta delivers a strong message which aims to inspire citizens to stand up and defend their rights from subjecting to any form of political compromise. At the same time, people are obliged to consider and understand the various consequence types whenever they engage in any action where they have to fight for their rights. Therefore, the film gives a proposition to its viewers that in case there is a strong desire to gain political freedom and independence as well, first, destruction has to get considered and eventually, chaos will have to become prevalent. Moreover, at the end of the film, viewers have the option of deciding whether the events subject to the film have taken the correct course. Through the determination of self-related opinions about V for Vendetta, humankind can discover its specific ideologies that are responsible for shaping the human status in the society.

September 25, 2023


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