“Thor: Ragnarok” Film

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In the Marvel comics

Thor: Ragnarok is a 2017 American superhero movie. Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, respectively, produced and released the movie. Eric Pearson and the writing team collaborated on the screenplay, which Taika Waititi directed. In the movie, Ragnarok was used to predict Asgard's impending destruction and to illustrate the mayhem that Liko, Hela, and Surtur had brought about. The film's goal was to spread happiness and amuse viewers, and it did so by portraying jokes, derision, and wisecracks in an accurate manner. The writer focused on an event in Norse mythology, then the appearance of the mighty goddess, Hela and finally moved to the bright planet of Sakaar. A bloody story of colonialism is then viewed as history remains unburied despite the eagerness to stop sinning. Women in the film are the major drivers in the plot by bringing out the physical comedy, flashes of loss, and the giant wolves.

The Action

Loki, the adopted brother of Thor, has taken over Asgard as the powerful goddess; Hela emerges and steals the throne. The ruthless Hela destroys Thor's mighty hammer, and Thor finds himself banished to the other side of the universe where he is held captive. Thor's world is about to be destroyed and therefore has to escape captivity to Asgard on time to save his home from the imminent destruction. He also has to race against time to end the Asgardian civilization by the all-powerful new threat, Hela. But first, he must conquer the deadly contest of the gladiator against his former fellow avenger Hulk. He also has to assemble a team of Hulk, Valkeriye, and Loki to stop Hela and the impending Ragnarok from the Asgardian civilization.

Why the Film was Good

The superhero film is full of fun, comedies and some blend of humor. The evidence that the filmmakers had a lot of fun making the movie brings out the spirit of joy that carries through what the audience view. Also, it also nails the action, visuals from the chaos of planet Sakaar as well as the manic battle on the Bifrost Bridge. The writer incorporated his hilarious down-under line readings and an alien with a big pile of quarry rubble by the name Korg to proof that the movies can and should get a little weird to win the audience interest. Sakaar is a remarkable vision that depicts the outer limits of the universe where the Grandmaster towers over it all. Hulk's role as a rage monster and an insecure genius is well brought forward as well as the bringing together of Thor and Hulk as new pals. The Goldblum trademark of stammering fits well in the scenario while Blanchett snarls and purrs brimstone threats walks away with the film. Back in Asgardian, Odin goes missing, and Loki is now overseeing the kingdom. Thor thought that Loki had died at the end of the dark world and that becomes lore that Loki relishes by ordering Asgardian play.

What to like

The film was well organized as the flow caught the audience attention from the start to the end. The idea was brilliant; imagining that the Asgardian gods have awkward, gawky childhood with a unique territory. Waititi reveals that the influence by John Hughes of 80's film through the use of footage and flashbacks from it was manifested in the film production. The fantastic flashback on the trail employed the cheesy editing styles and Reagan-era graphics while the immigrant song by Led Zeppelin 1970 hard rock anthem is played twice making the film potent and valuable. He also managed to identify further comedy superpowers within Hemsworth who previously was stone-faced. Thor and his pal were transformed through the evolution of the unjolly giant by an excellent comedy act that may help them for future concerns. Thor fits well into canon, and hence his accession to the throne of Asgard may be a real transformation as he may retain the powers taken from Odin's place in the Norse pantheon head.

What to Believe

The movie revolves around a dead pool inspiration as it begins with Hesmsworth breaking the fourth wall in a manner reminiscent of the Merc. Then it turns out that the Norse god is addressing a giant fire demon. A superhero then pushes the Meta envelope without risking about eating itself. Use of logical gaps is also employed in the film to bring out the best of the movie's exciting role. Some of those used were: Thor ending up in gladiatorial planet of Sakaar following the emergence of Hela in Asgard. The rage monster from planet Sakaar having full speech capability and signs of intelligent. People who lived in the neighborhood of Odin's magnificent, opulent home appeared to comprise a small population. Asgardian warrior, Valkyrie is at Sakaar, and you wonder why she was there drunk and bummed out yet conveniently converses back to light.


The film opens with a search for infinity stones by Thor which led to his imprisonment by the fire demon Surtur. The demon says that Thor's father Odin is not in Asgard and that the homeworld will soon be destroyed in Ragnarok. The film then splits into a couple of parallel narratives. Thor Ragnarok is hilarious from the start with excellent performance and proactive actions. The characters' work is fantastic and the adventure is a thrill. The sense of humor in the film has drawn much audience attention and made it be declared a superhero comedy.

April 06, 2023

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