Three main things I learned about Business and their Importance

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My business education and its application

My business education has equipped me with a variety of essential knowledge that will help me overcome challenges in the real world. As a business student, I have learned three fundamental principles: confidence in numbers is critical, communication is the key to engagement, and success is motivated by experience.

Improved communication and public speaking skills

In the many areas of daily life, these business-related features are highly valued. First, learning about communication from a business perspective has helped me become a more successful communicator. Our group and class projects improved our communication abilities, which are essential for interacting with others. Presentation of these projects also equipped business students with the public speaking knowledge, which is a great asset in developing eloquence.

Importance of confidence in numbers

Secondly, knowledge of confidence in numbers especially understanding the concept of financial statements and accounting sections is valuable to an individual regarding the preparation of reports based on numbers. Business professors used to explain in our business class that life is all about numbers. That if you did not have a grasp of numbers, which translates to planning, one could not prosper financially.

The significance of experience

Lastly, the concept of experience is a significant phenomenon I learned in business. Experience is a show of triumph over everything, and it boosts one's confidence in accomplishing a given task. Having a firm understanding of specific concepts boosts one’s morale of undertaking any assigned work related to his or her area of specialization. The knowledge learned in school is therefore used in real life through experience, which briefly means that one cannot learn everything from school.

How I will apply these values now and in the future

Growth in any professional or real-life circumstances is directly related to good mastery of communication skills. I will use decisively specific communication skills depending on the target audience. Being an aspiring entrepreneur, I will apply excellent communication skills in creating a good rapport with my clients. I will consciously have a healthy conversation with my employees too to instill a positive feeling of respect and mutual trust.

Secondly, confidence and knowledge in numbers will form the basis of my decisions regarding my company's financial reports and statements. Very many businesses are failing because they do not take good care of numbers. I will use my knowledge in preparing financial reports and statements to enrich my company's financial position. Since my future aspirations are connected to the business world, I will use financial skills to balance my company's stock regarding credits and debits and make informed decisions about the financial position of my company. I will also apply the same to structure family and government department budgets when called upon.

Finally, experience as one of the business requirements that I learned will form the basis of my recruitment and promotion. I started doing business in my first year, and currently, I am well placed to apply the experience I acquired both in my business class and my business to generate job opportunities. These skills will also help me in revising my business proposals and reports decisively in the future. I will also use my knowledge of experience as taught in business class to educate the underperforming local businesses on quality methods of improving and practicing healthy competition in the market.

February 22, 2023

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