Tolerance of Ambiguity Scale

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My evaluation findings revealed that my score on the tolerance of ambiguity scale is 3.30, indicating that I am average and standard. I agree with these findings because I understand that if I encounter a circumstance that is unpredictable, unknown, or involves many demands or necessitates going several paths, I do not feel particularly uncomfortable and strive to endure. I attempt to figure out the best options for dealing with the circumstance without becoming very concerned. How do your assessment results align with others in your demographic group who have taken the assessment?


Compared with others in my demographic group that have made the assessment, my ability to tolerate ambiguity is healthy and above average, since eighty percent of others in my group have a liberal tolerance of ambiguity. Furthermore, it is even more interesting to find that the global results show that 83.3 percent of the students exhibit normal tolerance of ambiguity and only 12.3 percent exhibit high and 4.4 percent low tolerance of ambiguity. Hence, I belong to the group of the majority, and this is quite encouraging.

3. As you reflect on the facets of the results or the commentary provided in the results, what is most meaningful and important to you? Which is less significant? Explain your decision.


From the assessment, questions such as “it is more fun to handle a complex problem than solving a simple one,” and “an excellent teacher is that who makes one wonder regarding his or her way of at looking things” are quite meaningful to me. I realize that it is imperative for one to think long and hard to handle complicated issues or situations. By doing this, one can develop his or her knowledge. However, what was less meaningful to me is the question such as “the sooner all people acquire similar ideals and values the better.” I did not see this as helping me as an individual to increase the level my tolerance of ambiguity and knowledge.

4. How will I use this information to further my professional development?


Having participated in this assessment, I have realized that high tolerance of ambiguity means not requiring all answers before one makes a decision or takes action. Fundamentally, it means taking calculated and suitable risks, even when uncertainty is prevailing. Apparently, it calls for one to take stock of what he or she knows and what she or he can control and move forward. I have come to realize that I need to learn how to handle setbacks, both professional and personal. To be successful in my future career, I need to have the endurance to see through any particular challenge to its logical conclusion, to come up with alternatives when the prior approaches cannot work any longer, and to have strong faith that situations will come around. In my future career, when faced with a circumstance that will challenge my beliefs, values, or knowledge, I will try to examine my behavior and thoughts carefully even whenever things will seem ‘just wrong.’ I understand that I may be unable to change my worldview, but I have to recognize at least that the reality is homogeneous and less fixed than I might have assumed. In this regard, I will be more comfortable as I perform various tasks in my profession.

May 24, 2023


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