Traffic congestion is a traffic hassle

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Traveling on a rush hour boosts the likelihood for anyone to experience traffic congestions. Traffic congestion is a traffic phenomenon that seems to have no solution as people have to drive at all times and every day there is the arrival of more vehicles to our highways. I cope with traffic congestion either by using a public vehicle rather than a private car, or by creating more travel time to get a congestion allowance than normal travel hours. I am a time-conscious person, so I am sensitive to traffic challenges, and often my sensitivity prevents me from traveling at particular times of the day. To cope better with traffic congestion, I prefer either trekking in short distances or cycling in longer distances.
Working under a rude boss has been a major work hassle. I have believed that the boss's inability to balance his emotions within and outside working environment have contributed to his rude trait. I cope with his trait by striving to do the right thing at the right time, a factor that has helped me to avoid many interactions with the boss. My naivety has severally hindered me from coping with the situation. However, becoming more composed, charismatic, and understanding can help me have a better relationship with the boss and be more effective at handling the hassle.

Relationship hassles mostly arise from strenuous friendships or interactions. It hurts to relate to people that do not care about my feelings thus ending up annoying me because of their careless actions or words. I find effective communication in my relationships as the best method to use in solving hassles. I am a highly tempered person, making it difficult for me to cope with hurting relationships. However, becoming calm to prevent decision making for emotional reasons can change my perception towards hurting relationships and help me in coping with them.

We hardly avoid common place hassles in life, therefore; the best way to handle a hassle is to develop the right attitude towards the hassle as well as using my personality traits positively in coping with the hassle.

Section 2: Stress Manifestation

Stress affects both my behavioral responses and my physical and mental states. My physical and mental short-term stress manifestations include feeling tensed of the involved situation, experiencing a severe headache, getting fatigue even without much work, becoming sweaty and shaky, and having cold hands and feet. My behavioral manifestations are majorly characterized by an inability to laugh or smile irrespective of fun created. Short-term stress easily interferes with my concentration ability and makes me feel anxious about minute things or situations.

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Long-term stress has more severe effects than the short term. I usually fall into too much sleep when stressed and experience a loss of appetite. I am more fatigued than in short-term stress and become too lazy and reluctant in performing my activities. I become prone to headaches and experience a weight loss. My social life too gets affected because I tend to cut off much communication with my peers, friends, and family thus becoming less talkative. However, stress does not cause me to become addicted to any type of food, drug or substance. I am able to control my mood changes most times unless under some severe circumstances that would stir my feelings too much. Stress has little effects on controlling my tempers thus helping in my ability to make decisions. Handling stress quickly prevents damage to my body since it responds to stress stimuli very fast.

August 09, 2021

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