Two levelled bar

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Having realised the importance of my HSC major work, conducted a personal review of assessment criteria of the course and based on the consideration of some alternatives available to me. I have come up with the most suitable option which is to create and develop a two levelled bar which would be made use of by members of my family, bartenders and myself.

It is important to mention at this juncture that a pub or stand up bar is regarded as a line of retail business developed with the intention of sales and distribution of alcohol dinks to customers, and in most cases, the drinks sold in most bars includes wines and beers. By definition, a bar is a specific location which the beer is sold out to customers; there are some ergonomic benefits associated with the development and utilisation of a two levelled bar which includes the possibility of having variety of drinks of both levels. The bar back consists of a set of bottles and shelve they are usually located behind the counter. To attain a level of uniqueness, some establishments ensure that their bar back is well decorated with items such as mirrors, etched glass and woodwork. In the past, the bar where made with simple design ideas without any form of aesthetic techniques. However in recent times, based on moderation and other types of developments, bars are not built with more complexities, appealing designs colours and complex joints. Bars in recent times have also integrated the used of contemporary glass, plastic and LED lights.

My two levelled bar will be developed with some functionalities which include the use of right parameters, i.e., adhering to the right coordinates, it will also include comfort related features with the aim of attaining suitable outcomes. It is also my desire to design a modern bar with contemporary fixtures, and aesthetic which will be appealing to all customers and users.

To achieve the above-discussed goal of creating exciting designs, eye-catching furniture and aesthetics, I would also make use of some of the skill set acquired in our syllabus which includes joining, assembling manufacturing and finishing techniques.

 Why I Intend To Make It

 There is need to begin by stating that the two levelled bar project will fuel my interest and participation in the carpentry industry. Therefore the project will be named the TLB which stands for two levelled bar. The bar will be able to make and also dispense drinks. My desire is not just to make a bar they would be used by me and members of my family, but to create a masterpiece that would be located in any room with my house, thus serving as a complement to other furniture in the house.

The project serves as an avenue for me to make use of the joining, assembling manufacturing and finishing techniques which I learned during the timber tech course and it also offers me the opportunity of engaging in a task that drives my passion. The production of my two levelled bar project provides me with an avenue of proving my competence in all the assessment criteria as items by the board of studies which specifically includes

 Degrees of difficultly

Product quality

Link between planning and production, and

 Evidence of a range of skills

September 04, 2023


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