Types of Foods that Cultivate the Bacteria the Best

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The bacteria are essential micro-organisms for the food processing. Most bacteria are beneficial, harmless, and indicate the likelihood of filth, the disease organism, spoilage while few cause disorders. The research aims at seeking the solutions to the critical question which types of foods cultivate the bacteria the best? As a result, the experiment is done to understand the impact of the E.Coli development and growth on different types of nourishment. The foods of interest incorporated fish that represents raw foods, beef for the meet, and the crackers for dry foods, apple, and chocolate. The outcome showed cooked meat having the highest absorbance suggesting that it has the highest of the E.Coli development and growth.

 The finding is consistent with the several previous kinds of literature that have been carried out on the top. As a result, the undercooked grounded beef is the leading food machine for the E.Coli. The question is significant since it enables for a clear understanding of the impacts of Escherichia Coli on different foods. However, despite having several types of foods that cultivate bacteria cooked beef has been found as the leading bacteria cultivator followed by chocolate and raw fish. However, fruits are the least growing foods for the bacteria.


For the past years, there has been little knowledge about types of foods that enable the incubation of the bacteria. According to Schmidt et al. (104), several E.Coli are considered harmless and are a significant segment of the healthy individual intestinal tract system. However, Sagmeister et al. (50) argue that some of the Escherichia Coli (E.Coli) are pathogenic and can lead to death when not diagnosed. The E.Coli is mainly found in the meet. Consequently, other foods are susceptible to the Escherichia Coli contaminations. As a result, the experiment is done to understand the roles of the Escherichia Coli in a variety of foods.

According to Striluk et al. (141), bacteria undergo similar growth in different foods, but their incubation speed varies depending on the distinct types of foods. However, Schmidt et al. (104) argue that it has been proposed that the E.Coli bacteria grow faster in the meet as compared to other foods. However, if one of the foods becomes more susceptible to picking the bacteria, then the food is likely to change to last longer. Therefore, the proposal outlines the types of foods that cultivate the bacteria the most. Moreover, the project would focus on developing factors for the bacteria among various foods. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a set of experiments to determine foods that cultivate bacteria the most

Thesis Statement: For there are little studies on various types of foods that improve bacteria the best thereby leading to lack of adequate knowledge on bacterial infections through food consumptions


Bacteria, cultivating, Escherichia Coli, experiments

Originality and Significance

There is little research on the various foods that are developing the bacteria. Most previous studies outline general factors that cultivate bacteria with the failure of evaluating which distinct food types Cultivate the bacteria the best. Determining which food cultivates the bacteria is essential since it would assist individuals in assessing the types of foods that contain the bacteria. Consequently, the question is significant since it would enable most of the health institutions to come up with diagnostic mechanisms for preventing bacterial infections those results from food consumptions. Consequently, the funding agencies should provide funds to enhance the project since it is costly regarding the experiments to be done. Funding the proposal would produce adequate and sufficient results due to the availability of resources.

Main Objective

To determine which types of food cultivate the bacteria the most

Minor Goals

I. To identify the cultivating factors among various foods (Sagmeister et al.,50)

II. To establish the mechanisms of reducing nurturing factors for bacteria in foods

III. To determine the best cultivating medium for the bacteria

Null hypothesis: Bacteria grow faster in a meet than in other foods

Alternative hypothesis: Bacteria grow slowly in a tournament than in other foods (Schmidt et al.,104)

Research Methodology

The study involved the use of laboratory experimental designs for the experiments. The experiments would involve various food samples with a conventional medium solution. The results would then be recorded at intervals. The second experiment would include a crushed example of different food products then mixed with the same amount of E.Coli .consequently there would be a controlled experiment that would be used for the analysis. The analysis of variance (ANOVA) is used to analyze the registered data from the trials.

Results and Discussions

When the micro-organisms are being cultivated, there must be a medium that serves as the growth environment. According to Shi et al. (541), for the cultivation of bacteria, the commonly used medium is the nutrient broth. Considering the experiments to be conducted on the food sample the absorbance of every sample would be obtained. According to Schmidt et al. (104), the absorbance of the cooked beef is expected to emerge the highest while that of apple becomes less than that of the control group. As a result, cooked meat has the most density of the Escherichia Coli. Therefore, cooked beef is expected to cultivate bacteria the best. Other foods that would register the highest absorbance include chocolate, raw fish, and cracker. However, the previous studies outline that the bacteria growth is higher in fish which becomes the food that least cultivates the bacteria.

Fig 1.0: The Proposed Budget


Cost ($)

Food samples(from the market)

$ 10,000

Laboratory chemicals –from manufacturing firms


Equipment maintenance-laboratory technician

$ 5,000

Credit and transport

$ 5000


$ 5000


$ 400, 0000


There are many factors that help in cultivating the bacteria, but there have been limited studies on which types of foods grow bacteria the best. Researching types of foods cultivating the bacteria are significant since it would enable people to determine which food has higher bacteria moreover, the topic would significantly help medical institutions to identify the best diagnostic mechanisms for bacterial infections that result from the consumptions of such foods. Therefore, it is expected that the cooked meet cultivates bacteria the best followed by chocolate and crackers. However, despite highest bacterial growth in fish, there is the least bacterial cultivation

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August 04, 2023

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