Uglies by Scott Westerfeld Book Review

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The first installment of the Uglies series is a teen bildungsroman that takes place in a small town in Ohio. The Uglies are taught that they will become pretty when they grow up. Then they move to New Pretty town and party for two years, have kids, and eventually settle down in a suburban section of the community. The Uglies, as they are called, are famous for their tricks and mischief.


The first Youngbloods in Uglies novel by author Marie Lu is now available! This YA book series is filled with fantastic characters like Tally Youngblood, Shay, and Frey. The story follows them as they struggle to survive in the world of Uglyville and rise to power as rebels against the Specials. The Youngbloods are an unconventional group of teenagers, and their adventures are bound to make you laugh.

The story revolves around Tally, who is the protagonist of both books. She's an ugly girl, with frizzy brown hair and beady hazel eyes. Her skin is patchy and her nose is flat. She also hates her right side. In the book, Tally is taken to a place of special circumstances where she must go through the legendary Smoke in order to become pretty. This process alters her mentality and perspective, and she believes that it's wrong to do it without consent.


Scott Westerfeld's novel, Skinny in Uglies, explores the ways that society makes us hate ourselves, while flipping our conventional idea of beauty on its head. As a result, society deems people who do not conform to its standards "uglies." This novel, written for young adults, introduces a dystopic future where everyone is cast into different age groups. The groups include children, teenagers, the elderly, and law enforcement. The "pretties" live in their own town, but have no responsibilities or duties.

The story is also highly acclaimed for its social commentary on society and environmentalism. Despite the book's satirical tone, Uglies is also a rousing rant against the reckless use of natural resources. The novel deals with the issue of appearance, and how many young people today are taught to hate themselves due to physical flaws. This leads to unhealthy body images and unhealthy self-images.


This special edition of Uglies by Scott Westerfeld is a good choice for fans of the young adult dystopian series. The story centers on the twins, Frey and Tally, who have a common secret: they're both utterly ugly. The world they're living in is dystopian and awash in technological advances, from hoverboards to fossil fuels. However, these futuristic advances are not without their dark underpinnings, and the book fails to deal with the ethical issues raised in the series.

In this post-apocalyptic future, teens undergo cosmetic surgery in order to be "pretty" and participate in societal events. The Uglies live in a society where being "pretty" is the norm, and being naturally beautiful is no longer an option. Despite this, Tally finds a new friend, Shay, in the ruins of her hometown. Together, they form a bond that will last a lifetime.

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Cutters - Pretties

The book follows the lives of the Pretties in their society, a futuristic world where everyone is a celebrity. Using computer simulations, they play dress up and discover how to get the perfect bodies. Tally, however, is horrified by the idea of plastic surgery. Shay, on the other hand, insists that a person can look beautiful without surgery.

In the first part of the novel, the story is told from Shay's perspective. She is the closest friend of Tally Youngblood, a girl who refuses to accept society at face value. She begins to wonder if she can get herself out of this twilight world. Then, she gets the chance to meet a boy named Andrew Simpson Smith, a villager from a reservation.

The book follows the lives of the Pretties and their interactions with each other. As they learn more about each other, the two become friends and are more than willing to go on adventures. This book also features a rich, multilayered world full of fantasy and action. The characters are incredibly unique and engaging, and the story is sure to please even the most stubborn fan.

June 07, 2022


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