Uncanny Body in Dracula (1992)

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Freud's Uncanny in the Dracula Movie

Freud argues that something uncanny is that which arouses dread and creeping horror. It also belongs to some object that is terrible. Within the Dracula movie (1992), we can see uncanny descriptions mirrored in the film. Uncanny body is one chapter in Freud's Worst Nightmare and a reflection in Dracula movie (1992).

Mina Harker: The New Woman

Throughout the film, Mina Harker is depicted as a wise and realistic woman having a male brain and a woman's heart. The gender-based description overturns the stereotypical woman nature seen to have weak minds. The story of the film is frequent, and the repetition creates concerns about the Victorian woman's wisdom. The Idea of Mina being smarter and cunning more than male counterparts reflected upon the rise of a new woman in the society. The case of Mina Harker contradicts ordinary situations in the period where women should be submissive and men being on top. Mina is thus compared to a Dracula.

The Uncanny Nature of Dracula

Dracula arouses dread within the movie since many people describe it to lack reflection. It, therefore, proves that Dracula is not a physical since it lacks a shadow. However, many people guess that Dracula looks like a human. The creature is therefore considered uncanny because it links between the living and nonliving. Dracula is, therefore, something believed to be living or not simultaneously and the difference creates suspicion.

The Fear Factor in Dracula

Dracula presents fear in the sense that it's not easily seen in the movie. Most of the times, the Dracula wins against the attacks made and is likely to do away with the goodness of the situation. The character set by Dracula exploits the fear of changes and deterioration which steadily explains the theme of the movie. Despite not letting the Dracula win, its purpose is to cause fear among individuals watching the movie.

November 24, 2023

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