United States Unfair Elections

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The United States of America and its Unique Electoral System

The United States of America cannot be defined as a democracy in the classic sense, which is a stunning fact given that it has historically been one of the most prominent advocates seeking to install democracy in practically every country on the planet. The United States has the distinction of being the only republic in the world that has a system in which an executive president is elected indirectly (Jost 174). Indirect polls occur because when people in the United States go to vote for a president, they are not normally voting directly for a president. But instead, they end up voting for just a particular group of “electors,” who work around with the votes to then vote for a president of their choice.

Effects of Electoral Administration on Public Perceptions

Researcher of democracy recommends that for elections to be termed fair there must exist an essential connection between quality of votes and equal validity. Nonetheless, there are some few studies of how the conduct of elections can affect the opinions of how much polls can be fair (Jost 175). The researcher also observed in details how election management and personal level demographic qualities affect political views of honest elections in the United States. Since the management of US elections primarily remains to be the responsibility of separate states who can exploit discrepancy in the excellence of how elections are conducted to evaluate the effects of electoral administration on public perceptions.

Legislative Enactment and Boundaries of Electoral Outcomes

There evidence of legislative enactment which can positively and meaningfully relate to the perceptions of reporting credible elections. On the contrary, voter identification laws, are not connected to fair and sureness in any votes (Jost 179). There are also some confirmation that states about the boundaries of these outcomes, as the known individual-level aspects such as membership and lesser status, have more effects than supervision on observations of electoral fairness.

The Flaws in the Electoral College System

In the US an executive aspirant can gain the maximum number of total votes also known as popular votes in the entire country, but fail the elections, this has come to pass many times in the past of the United States election periods. In the year 2000, when Al Gore was running alongside George W. Bush, 105 million people voted, and Al Gore got 50,999,897 votes (48.38%), and George W. Bush got 50,456,002 votes (47.78%) (Lewis-Beck and Stegmaier 285). The findings show that Bush lost the election by 0.6% to Al Gore yet he became the president of the United States just because Bush go extra electoral votes in the Electoral College. Bush had 271 total electoral votes and 266 for Al Gore (Jost 184). Therefore, qualifying him for the presidency which is very unfair. Well, blame it on the system of the “Electoral College” which gives nearly all the determining power to “swing states,” for example the likes of Florida in 2000, to pick the outcome of the presidential election.

Unequal Representation and Unfairness

So yes, the elections in the United States of America presents an unfair process and outcome. In most cases, it seems almost possible for a candidate to not acquire one single vote, in 39 states, but in the long run be the president, if they win solely by the 11 leading countries. The election malpractices are indeed very unfair for the states with a smaller population as compared to those with larger population.

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May 02, 2023


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