Up in the Air: Navigating Life, Love, and Loss at 30,000 Feet

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In the film genre

The term diegesis is used to include events that are presumed to have occurred and actions and spaces not shown on screen. Watching the film Up in the Air enables one to identify some factors which may not be necessarily expressed explicitly. This is a film that highlights the idea of Natalie Keener who is a young co-worker her role in the company. This film cannot be classified as a comedy nor a tragedy since it is merely a creation where one has to understand the various events as they happen independently. Keener seems to be the exact opposite of Ryan Bingham whose main role is to fire people. He flies around the country with the sole purpose of firing people. This act, though not explicitly mentioned in the movie is essential as it reveals the character of both Keener and Bingham. While Keener is a wise person who saves time and resources by engaging technology, Bingham comes out as a procrastinator who spends much of his time flying instead of relying on technology such as firing people through video conferencing to make his work easier.

This film covers various themes

Among them family versus career and love versus romance. In the theme of family versus career, Ryan Bingham finds his true vocation as a career transition counselor. His main job is to travel across the world firing people. He seems very determined in his new role and good at shattering people's lives. With the frequent travels that Ryan Bingham makes, it becomes impossible for a person with such a schedule to be able to take care of his family. As such, career can affect one's family.

Regarding love and romance

Ryan meets Alex whom he gets admired to. Bingham had been avoiding relationships for a long time, but suddenly his perfect match appears in the thin air. Alex is portrayed as beautiful and witty. They then engage in a romantic conversation as they seek to know each other better.

By and large, Up in the Air is a film

That can be understood from the way the various characters are presented and also from its plot. Although some things are not explicitly said, a closer look at the plot can help the viewer identify various aspects such as the character traits of various characters. Besides, the film covers themes such as lover versus romance and career versus family.


Reitman, J., Clooney, G., Farmiga, V., Kendrick, A., Bateman, J., & Paramount Home             Entertainment (Firm). (2017). Up in the air.

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