Venezuelan Politics

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Venezuela is a country in the northern part of South America. The country is ruled by President Maduro Moros under federal government. The main political and ruling party is United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV). The country has a number of military bases including Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana, FANB), Bolivarian Army (Ejercito Bolivariano, EB), and the Bolivarian Navy among others. The military also includes the coast guard and Naval Infantry. Their offshore waters located in the Caribbean Sea have been attacked severally so the country is classified as among the most dangerous. The country depends on oil revenues for economic sustenance. The existing social parks are considered dangerous especially in the city where there are many anti-government riots. A lot of information is spread through the word of mouth in estates in the crowded suburbs, but the official media houses are about thirteen (CIA, n.d.). A lot of people avoid visiting hospitals in the country but the government spent 5.3% of the GDP in 2014 (CIA, n.d.).

There are three arms of the government; judicial, legislative and executive. All government offices are placed within the urban centers, but police posts are spread throughout the country. The country engages in importation of oil and oil products to countries such as the United States of America and most parts of the world (CIA, n.d.). Military and police head quarters are found within the capital city of the country. Most markets are also located downtown with most of the local produce such as grocery being sold in a number of farm markets located all over urban centers. Despite the political unrest and constant battles, there are numerous restaurants in most urban centers. The physical infrastructures such as roads are only good within some parts of the urban areas. Communication is mainly conducted using phone lines, and the country also allows the utilization of internet.

So far, political conflict is held through brutalism meted out to rioters by the military (Human Rights Watch, 2018). The country is not in very good terms with their neighbors in Colombia. As a result, it is common to hear of border fights and disagreements. Due to the many wars in that country, the economic situation in the country is disheartening. The country has minimal preparedness to natural disasters. There are many banks in most places and all of them are accessible by everyone.  The lack of peace makes it impossible for the local and other forms of governments to work together. The poor economic state of the country makes it difficult for the government to effectively handle the building of roads and other infrastructure. The media and phone service coverage is fairly good, and the internet is provided at a cost for most people. A large population of the young people is educated.

There are a number of political parties such as Manuel Rosales’ A New Time or UNT and the Brave People's Alliance or ABP headed by Richard BLANCO. The coast guard and Naval military are among the major branches of the law enforcement officers (CIA, n.d.). Aside from a few indigenous tribes, there are the Spanish, Arab, German, Portuguese and Italian people. The current opposition leader in the country is revered for having the ability to control his supporters.

At the moment, the country does not have many council elders and the government is considered the main leader. The merchants are of great significance as they help in providing the much needed goods. Religious leaders are also revered but not more than the political ones. The powers of the president are not limited and that is why he has the power to imprison anyone. Catholics form a large percentage of the population. The heads of powerful families are behind the general governance of the country as they have more power than the president.

Elections are held after every several years and the constitution limits the powers of the president. Military operations are carried out specifically against anti-government protesters. However, the military is always under the leadership of the president. The country suffers from drought more than often and people die out of hunger. Religious events are held on Sundays during or after church activities. All religious days follow the Roman Catholic calendar. Road construction has been halted by the poor economic situation on the country. Scheduled maintenance is also rare due to the economic hardships.


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August 01, 2023

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