Video Communication in Business

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Video is becoming one of the significant forms of communication. People connect through Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Because of this, businesses are finally adopting video as one of the modes of communication. Business communication is a vital key to managing and running of any organization. With the advanced technology, organizations conduct web conferences via ezTalks as it makes talking seamless. However, the type of device used for video conferencing depends on the budget and the financial capability of the organization ("Forbes Welcome", 2018). This essay aims to delve deeply into the idea of video communication in businesses by covering some of its attributes among other things.

Why many organizations are increasing use of Video communication in business.

Research has shown that four out of five organizations are striving to inculcate video as one of their modes of communication (Sukhraj, 2018). In fact, most companies are increasing their budget to cover the cost of video communication. Some factors are driving the adoption of video communication.

One of the factors why businesses are adopting video communication is mobility. About 20% of organizations possess the ability to distribute any video content through tablets, smartphones, and other gadgets. Technology is snowballing thus fueling the development of a mobile business which in turn is increasing the need for enterprise streaming. Almost all employees in any organization own smartphones. Therefore, video communication is more straightforward and the best mode of communication today ("Forbes Welcome", 2018).

Companies are inculcating video communication as it allows democratization of content creation.  At least 35% of organizations intend to adopt video as a mode of communication as it integrates solutions with another social communication system. Additionally, self-contained videos provide solutions needed within the enterprise (Sukhraj, 2018). Different companies are inculcating this technique in their day-to-day activities to ensure they keep at per with the developing world.

Benefits of Video Communication.

Businesses are increasingly using video as a form of internal communications because many benefits come with it. One of the significant benefits of video communication in organizations is the fact that it allows consistent messaging. With video, all employees receive precisely the same message. This fact is because a single video deletes all kinds of inconsistencies that may arise when information is delivered to different audiences at different times. It also applies when the same message is to be provided by various executives ("VIDEOS", 2017). Furthermore, whether it is a pre-recorded video or a live video webcast, it is easy to control the manner in which the message is scripted and how the recipients receive it.

Employers favor video communication because it effectively keeps the conveying tone. It is almost impossible for written notification to capture all the subtexts that a video can. The audience correctly interprets any message when they can see the body language and voice inflection of the speaker. As such, video communication is the best mode to capture all these subtleties in discussion ("VIDEOS", 2017). In cases where a business executive aims to motivate the employers, video communication comes in handy as it captures all these elements.

Most importantly, organizations prefer video communication as it allows secure delivery of information. Many internal communication videos are often confidential. There exists secure video hosting which restricts access to any information to employees only ("Winning materials research", 2014). Additionally, video communication allows delivery of shot bits of information or clips, which are often vital in running an organization.

Challenges of Video communication from consumer and business video grade perspectives.

Despite its advantages, video communication poses several challenges for the IT organization. From a business video grade perspective, it is hard for companies working in silos to ensure that video communication is used up to its full potential. This fact is because they may not have the appropriate culture in place for video conferencing. As such, video communication is most applicable to businesses that have a young workforce, implement business process integration and possess a desire to communicate and collaborate with employees effectively ("Winning materials research", 2014). Therefore, companies working in silos are not able to maximize this world-changing technology.

Also from both consumer and business-grade perspectives, video communication becomes disadvantageous when there are technical difficulties. For video conferencing to work correctly, smooth transmission ought to be present. However, this is not always the case. Occasionally, issues arise from software, hardware or from the network. Sometimes the weather affects connection in remote areas making communication impossible.  Therefore, the IT department in any company should be able and equipped enough to deal with such situations ("VIDEOS", 2017).

Criteria to evaluate and Recommend the best video technology.

Finding the best video technology for any company is a very vital task. As such, this issue ought to be approached carefully. 

The first and most important step is to analyze usage data. The current software in the business provides user-friendly reports containing real-time data. These reports can help in comparing baseline usage and outliers. The outliers will help determine the type of video technology that best fits the organization ("Winning materials research", 2014).

Another factor is putting employees’ feedback into consideration.  Email surveys help in determining the type of video technology that will be easier for the employees to use. For best results, stakeholders and outliers provide the best suggestions in cases like these.

Another criterion to consider is the best providers. Before recommending any video technology, it is essential to conduct web research and surf the tech business news to discover companies with the best video technology. This factor will help in reducing cases of technical malfunctions of video equipment. It will also assist in developing the list of the best vendors ("Winning materials research", 2014). It will also ensure that the company will possess an efficient video technology that covers all the needs. Lastly, considering the company financial capability will help understand the type of video technology that is affordable.


Video communication has become a necessity in the business world.  The use of cloud-based video software is cost-effective, scalable and flexible which meets the dynamic communication needs. These aspects show that video conferencing provides a competitive edge to any business and should be on the priority list. With the right video technology, companies can maintain a good business position and allow productive collaboration, which in turn leads to high productivity ("Winning materials research", 2014). Video communication is the future of the business world and companies ought to embrace it if they intend to increase profits and reach a vast clientele.  


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September 04, 2023


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