Violence in movies and how it affects society today.

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The violent deeds depicted in contemporary movies have the potential to change the viewers' behavior. The filmmakers continue to create movies with a variety of violent elements, including shootings, murders, and even war. The popularity of such works is the reason behind them, and the majority of people enjoy seeing them. Evidently, viewers give violent movies some of their highest ratings, which boosts their output. However, there have been worries voiced about how these movies are influencing society as a whole. Studies carried out on the effect of watching violent films show that individuals with abrasive character are likely to become more aggressive. On the contrary, passive people, who react differently to what they see on the screen, are less likely to be affected by gory scenes. The analysis below explores whether there is a correlation between violent crimes and watching films depicting violence.

Reasons to Limit Violence in Movies

In today's society, the media have assumed a major role in the lives of individuals, thus playing a significant role in shaping the lives of people. Evidently, mass media continue to have a huge impact on the values, behaviors and beliefs of the children. The research conducted on the relationship between violent behavior and violent movies shows that some correlation exists. Exposure to violence is known to have detrimental effects on the viewer both in the long run and short run. Moreover, the risk of violent behavior on the viewer increases in the same way as growing up in the violent environment increases the chances of one becoming aggressive. The violence depicted in films is likely to affect the growth and development of youths, who can end up believing in such acts. Consequently, such films create a culture where children and adults develop fear and beliefs that the streets must be violent.

Aggressive behavior is can be caused by many factors, andone of them is viewing violent acts. The violent mass media comprises of movies which have a potential of affecting the aggression of an individual. Moreover, the increased viewership of violent movies poses a significant risk of promoting aggressive behaviors. Therefore, the directors should limit the violence in the movies to reduce the negative impacts that result from watching such films. The reduction in violent acts in the films would help to depict a safer society to the viewers (Huesmann ). People are likely to believe in what they regularly see, and this is the reason why it is necessary to ensure that the pictures created in the minds of the audience portray a peaceful society. Consequently, the reduction in showing violent scenes will help to make sure that the viewers are impacted positively by the movies they watch for entertainment.

Correlation between Movie Violence and People Committing Violent Crimes

Violence is caused by various factors which influence the way the individuals behave. The definition of violence encompasses acts that are intended to cause harm to the other individual. Multiple factors that have converged over time have been known to result in violent acts contrary to the belief that they result from single acts. Children who depict violent and antisocial behavior has been found not to become violent adults (Huesmann). Still, there has been researching that shows that a significant proportion of violent youngsters have a possibility of growing up to become violent adults. Also, severely violent adults and adolescents were aggressive in childhood. Therefore, any factor that promotes violent behavior in youths is statistically a risk factor that can result in aggressive behavior in adults.

Randomized experiments on children showed that those who used to watch violent movies ended up behaving violently towards peers. It was also determined that watching violent films can also promote physical attacks on preschoolers when playing. Therefore, it is evident that individuals watching violent clips are likely to be violent as compared to those watch non-violent ones.

Liability of Movie Directors

The producers of movies have the responsibility to ensure that the films made entertain their audience while maintaining quality. Movies influence the viewers seriously by impacting their behaviors, and therefore directors need to put that fact into consideration. Consequently, their role in determining the content of these films makes them liable for promoting violent behaviors among the viewers (Huesmann). Research conducted has revealed that violent scenes tend to promote aggression among children, and this should be used as evidence for reducing such scenes in the films. Also, they have a role in regulating the content that is viewed. Evidently, it is the directors who are responsible for promoting aggression in the movies.


In conclusion, the violence experienced in movies has been shown to impact the lives of young viewers negatively. The violent scenes depicted in movies tend to create the picture of a dangerous neighborhood for the viewers. Studies have also shown that aggression is correlated with watching clips that show violence, and directors have played a role in promoting their production. Evidently, it is necessary to limit the production of violent films.

Works Cited

Huesmann, L. Rowell. "The Impact Of Electronic Media Violence: Scientific Theory And Research". Journal Of Adolescent Health, vol 41, no. 6, 2007, pp. S6-S13

April 06, 2023

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