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Virginia Wolf's article seems to prefer contrasts: reality and fantasy, men and women, the material and the metaphysical. Woolf complicates these oppositions in what ways?
Virginia Woolf contends that women have made no contribution to literature as a result of the discouragement and criticism that female writers face. The plot reflects on the difficulties that women face, which is why they have not been able to create works of fiction. She claims that resistance and rejection have a negative impact on the creative mind. Woolf uses vocabulary in her poems to isolate and enquire about society's multi-gendered actions. Ironically, the manner in which the message passed shows that Woolf had bitterness towards women as tend to demand freedom and privileges from their brothers, fathers, and husbands since the ancient time.
The level of poverty in women is evident in Virginia Wolf works as she cites that many women in the idle -class level are in employment. She asserts that women want to compete with men in the working arena. Besides, those women working at home use their living room as the operating office. Moreover, they experience problems in developing and getting a physical and creative area that is within their house. Nevertheless, women still feel it essential to perform domestic duties that act a burden and offer a limited time of working.
According to Wolf, when women are "surviving," they are not prisoners of their thoughts. The lack of economic and legal obligations on women affects their status in the society. The author believes that financial independence is vital to the improvement of their social status. Woolf says that females need to act on their own when it comes to financial matters. She states that to be a women and writer requires total commitment as well as a balance between work and career life. The writer believed that financial freedom makes a woman independent. Besides, she criticizes the situation women had to go through in the patriarchal society.
The author of 'a room of one's own' argues that education and experience helped men to dominate the world since time in history. This portrayed in her essay in the case where she uses the fictional character, Mary, as down looked by men. Wolf champions for the freedom of both men and women; however, she finds difficulty in getting a lasting solution due to her biases in social class.
Essay 2: How do Jorge Luis Borges and Akutagawa Ryunosuke use their narrative techniques to undermine authority in "the garden of forking paths" and "In a Bamboo Grove" respectively?"
"The garden of forking paths is a fiction with metanarrative and spy aspects. Borges sets the storyline of 'in the garden of forking path' in a violent situation of the First World War emphasizing on Britain and Germany. He succeeds in articulating man's inexplicable restlessness and tensions. It is striking that the narrator holds no grudge towards British or German people. However, he never slackens in his efforts to pass information that will lead to the destruction of a British military base. He used suspense and surprises that brought out the real situation man and life.
The author acts as an editor of the story at the beginning. However, the story moves into a dream-sequence, without realizing that it is a dream. In the dream, the dreamer meets two monks, who promptly disappears through a gate bearing the inscription. This is a fiction, which has unreal truth in it. The fictional characters of the story by Borges are human beings endowed with attributes that do not have mentioned such as the fact that people typically have two arms and two legs. From the story, it clear that the antagonists are Chinese and Irish.
"In a Bamboo Grove" has seven dramatic scenes whereby the first-person point of view applies to the seven characters. In the first four narrators, there is a crime involved and have an ascending order of arrangement. For example, the woodcutter acts a witness and gives detailed information without any judgments. Besides, the priest meets a couple and does not communicate to them but a comment of the how life has changed due to lifestyle is, and he is seen feeling pity for the world. The police officer, on the other hand, intends to arrest a man whom he mistakenly identified as a thief. At some point, the mother gets concern of her daughter's whereabouts and feels that there is a need to seek protection for her. In the last three narrators, the characters increase the subjectivity. The thief commits a crime and does not regret because of the actions and have no fear of getting an arrest. The wife becomes emotional and involves herself in the criminal activity where the man killed, and she survived.
Essay 3: Discuss the relationship between hypocrisy and consumerism in "Two Sisters." How are the characteristics and things treated as commodities?
Hypocrisy in a narrative is a situation of whereby there is the false appearance of virtue to hide the real character of an individual. When individuals receive an education they can understand that the shadow-side of nature and be able to learn, understand and love others like brothers and sisters. Consumerism was seen in the story as the two sisters utilized every single opportunity to have a life at the expense of their father who later died. However, the sisters still did not realize that the death of their father was important to them and it is advisable for them to mourn him
In the 'two sisters', is a story that portrays mixed reactions and attributes of the characters who are related. In the narrative, hypocrisy comes out when they are not affected by the death of their father. They get concern with the wealth that the father had left behind which resulted in a fight between the two sisters. During the mourning period, they are pretending to have the pain of losing their dad, but in reality, they were happy, as they will get more wealth. In the Two sister story, it is evident that the two daughters were ever fighting against each other as they try to seek attention from their father. They are in the same house because the dad decided to bring the new woman to the house. He had no feelings, care, or respect left for his sick wife. This behavior drove Su-mi's mom to commit suicide, which also leads to the death of Su-Yeon'. Her stepmother engaged in an affair with a man whose two daughters and wife were ill. The mother's suicide and the dresser scene did occur, which means the stepmother witnessed all events and could have saved Su-Yeon but ignored.

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