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The graphic depicts the movement of information and resources in the healthcare industry, from the federal government to hospital care providers. It also includes the link between multiple policies as well as the hierarchy of the policy formation and implementation process.

The flow of information in the healthcare business demonstrates how each sector is dependent on one another to achieve successful public health actions. The relationship has two levels of dependency, which comprise a bottom-up and a horizontal approach. The first one involving ranks involves one department looking to another one at a higher level for directions. In this context, the nursing professionals draw their code of conduct, standards of operations, and rules of collecting and submitting information from the healthcare facility administration (Mohammed & Mariani, 2014). On the other hand, the management of the hospital reports to respective agencies of the government under HHS, which in turn reports to the government through executive of the congress. The second level of relationship involves the coordination between two or more agencies in implementing the policies (Flottorp et al., 2013). For example, HHS assists due to expertise to the Congress in making health laws as well as implementing the same in the healthcare provision.

Each of the aspects (policy and legislation, regulation, finance, and nursing practice) has a particular connection to the other. In regards to making policies and laws, most of the government levels have a primary responsibility to provide health care to all the citizens at an affordable rate. In this regard, it formulates policies and allocates resources to various agencies to implement (Jansen et al., 2010). As a result, it influences the activities of regulators under HHS, impacts the financing part through the available funds, as well as the behavior and conduct of the professionals through hospital management in achieving the end objective. The primary regulation agency is the HHS which sets the standards and aids Congress in in making laws, which in turn provides the guidelines for the activities of the health professionals in practice as well as accountability of both information and resources in the industry (Flottorp et al., 2013). The management and budget office, which operates under the HHS and reports to the executive ensures that resources are allocated to implement the policies and reforms in the healthcare industry which determines the success of the organization both in hospitals and government departments. Lastly, the practice involves the service provision by the caregivers at various work destinations who have to follow the guidelines by the government’s policy changes and regulation by HHS agencies (Brush et al., 2015).

Based on personal experience, one of the examples of the connections is the electronic medical records and sharing through the information system. All the activities reported in the hospital are keyed in into the system and can be accessed by the government agencies without violating privacy standards for planning and policy formulation. Also, other hospitals can access information to follow up on the medical history of the patient based on the permission by the individual being treated. The process and procedures therein are outlined in the professional conduct and standards of the nursing profession regulated by HHS.


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May 17, 2023
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