Volunteers in organizations

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Volunteers and Donors in Nonprofit Organizations

Volunteers are those who voluntarily offer their services to an organization without being compensated. The primary goal of the volunteer workforce is to help the organization meet its requirements with the fewest possible resources. The evolution of the arts, public safety, and social policy are all greatly influenced by volunteers. People who voluntarily decide to provide money to organizations are known as donors.

The Role of Volunteers and Donors

Making ensuring that the organization achieves its goals and objectives with the limited resources at its disposal is the primary responsibility of volunteers and donors. Volunteers offer their services for free, whereas contributors give resources in the form of money and other capital. The crucial foundation of the nonprofit organization is built by donors and volunteers. The nonprofit organizations neither compel individuals to provide voluntary service nor hold no right to the consent the use of optional services. The profit organizations occasionally benefit from the voluntary services while nonprofit organizations entirely rely on it.

The Importance of Volunteers and Donors

The nonexistence of volunteers and donors would result in loss of great investment programs in the nonprofit organizations. The nonprofit organizations cannot function without the volunteers and donors. The organizations must strive to maintain a healthy relationship with the volunteers and donors. Nonprofit organizational success depends on the quality of interaction between the organization and the voluntary donors. The main rationale for maintaining high donor relations is to ensure reliable support from the donors nurturing long-term commitment and investments. Maintenance of donor relations can be through issuing honor roles or creating recognition profiles and events. Rational decision making is crucial for the individuals involved in the voluntary sector.

Volunteers and Donors as a Business Integration

The volunteers and donors exhibit the principle of business integration in organizations. Voluntary services portray Christian morals of belief. The Christian morals craft a conceptual correlation between the Christian beliefs and the service provision. Despite the necessity of business concepts and its application in the organization, it is vital to establish moral and ethical thoughts (Brown, 2015). The applications of theological concepts in organizations promote moral uprightness in the organization. Most of the individuals who play a part in voluntary services have ongoing religious commitments. The organizations utilizing Christian voluntary services attain an optimum level of satisfaction.

Moral and Ethical Foundations in the Workplace

Moral and ethical foundations in the workplace enhance emotional intelligence amongst workers. Emotional intelligence is the ability of an individual to comprehend personal emotions as well as the emotions of those surrounding them. A mutual objectives and goals understanding in organizational members' foster teamwork and accomplishment. The nonprofit organizations should set policies encouraging religious individuals to participate in their corporate programs.

Leadership Focus and Change in Nonprofit Organizations

The dynamic progress and success of an organization depend on the leadership focus on organization objectives and strategies. The nonprofit organizations need to embrace the theme of change just like the profit organizations (Lutz et al., 2013). Lutz et al., article, presents a case study conducted amongst the church organization evaluating leadership, change dynamics, and creativity. The research findings hypothesize that most nonprofit organizations like churches dwell in the past hence require rejuvenation through strategic leadership.

Leadership Techniques and Effects on Nonprofit Organizations

The case study evaluates the effects of the three leadership techniques namely: transformational, laissez-faire, and transactional leadership (Lutz et al., 2013). A transformational leader focuses on what is best for the followers and the dynamic changes of the organization. The leader is visionary and inspires the team members. Transactional leaders consult the team members to identify the most pressing needs. A transformational leader creates a promotive psychological environment for work. A transactional leader facilitates leadership roles within the organizational set of rules and regulations. The leader motivates the followers using rewards according to achieved targets. A transactional leader creates competition as a strategy for achieving the organizational goals and objectives. Laissez-faire does not take his leadership responsibility: the director maintains poor communication with the followers.

Research Findings and Importance of Transformational Leadership

The case study applies sampling technique as a data collection criterion. The case study involves four core hypotheses: transformational leaders establish a perfect working environment; transactional leaders promote followers' positivity and creativity; and laissez-faire influences the members' environment and creativity negatively (Lutz et al., 2013). The research findings show that transformational leaders are capable of creating a conducive working environment motivating creativity and change compared to transactional and laissez-faire leaders.

Influence of Transformational Leadership in Church Organizations

The study also indicates that the church leaders are the most successful organizational leaders: transformational leaders. The pastors create a psychological environment enhancing preparedness for change and creativity among the church members. The church members dwell on positive motive perceptions. Organizational leaders must strive to inspire, support, and challenge their followers intellectually to promote development visions and teamwork. The followers' perception is the primary drive for promptness to change and creativity.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Nonprofit Organizations

Successful organizations provide their leaders with specific social responsibility programs. Corporate social responsibility focuses on the social and economic development of the organization (Athanasopoulou, 2012). Implementation of corporate social responsibilities provides crucial insight for organizational leaders both in nonprofit and profit organization. Comprehension of the corporate social responsibilities enables the organization leaders to focus on the primary objective of establishing and supporting the followers through dynamic changes and innovation within the organization. Corporate social responsibilities diversity should be implemented in various contexts of management in the organization.


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February 01, 2023

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