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It's a fantasy come true to be able to educate children as they play around me. I enjoy teaching young children and interacting with them. My ambition is to become a good teacher so that I can educate children properly and help them achieve their goals. Obtaining an early childhood development degree in nineteen months would assist me in developing a solid liberal arts foundation. This experience would help me to have the knowledge, skills, and character that I need to teach my young students. My ultimate aim is to become a good teacher who can educate children well since schooling is a life-long learning experience. To achieve my goal, I need to learn and complete my current degree by graduating with a degree in early childhood development. To have better chances in terms of getting employed, it is important to get good grades which will raise my degree cluster. There is also need for constant measurement of progress to know the progress which is meant to achieve my goal of getting a degree (Cangelosi, 2013). Therefore, grades in every exam should be high to ensure that the scores which accumulate to get my final score are satisfactory. Scoring above average grades is a sign that I am able to comprehend what is being taught.

Learning will help me to get an understanding of teaching content and develop a significant learning experience which is established on the knowledge being taught. Learning will also help me to understand my students overall developments and assist them to learn (Cangelosi, 2013). This degree in early childhood development will also assist me to handle students from different backgrounds, create a positive learning environment, develop critical thinking among students, encourage motivation among students and ensure that they engage in active learning, use verbal, non-verbal, technological and media communication skills to teach my students effectively(Arends, 2014). I will also be able to assess my students professionally so that they can learn effectively and finally create a rapport between the parents, community children and the school to ensure maximum productivity of the student.

Successful classroom management is the key to successful teaching. In order to successfully instill the education to students, special education skills and good classroom management skills are important to ensure I become a successful teacher. These skills involve: first, planning learnable skills by creating a conducive environment for the students by showing that I believe in them. Second, as a teacher I need to develop a positive relationship with the students so that I can be able to handle the class (Tempel, Seiler, Burlingame, 2016). Third, using an interactive learning process with students to ensure that the learning process is successful as they will be giving me feedback and they will be free to ask any question. Lastly, creating a safe environment where students are able to learn without external factors which may influence a student’s potential.

In conclusion, 19 months will be enough to help me achieve a degree in early childhood development. Being a professional teacher will also ensure I improve my skills in handling young children in class. This will see me pursue my passion of teaching children and instilling them with knowledge and skills so that they can develop a good character in life and hopefully be successful. I will also make sure that I get good grades in my units to get a good grade in my final results when graduating. Education being a lifelong process, I am determined to use the skills that I have learnt in teaching to become a successful teacher.


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October 19, 2022

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