We Real Cool by Gwendolyn Brooks

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We Real Cool is a poem written in 1967 by the American poet Gwendolyn Brooks. Its purpose is to celebrate the sassy spirit of the black artist and rebelliousness. It is an anthem for a black artistic movement that lacked mainstream recognition. It uses internal rhymes throughout. Unlike other poems in its genre, it contains no connecting or subordinating words in the first and second lines.

We Real Cool is a defiant response to those who would condemn them out of hand

The movie "We Real Cool" focuses on seven pool players, each of whom has a rebellious personality. They defy social conventions and often cut class. They "lurk" late into the night and get into fights. While they may not be the most model citizens, these people don't let it bother them. They proudly admit their transgressions and don't feel shame for them, and they celebrate their own behavior.

The poem is structured in an acrostic form, utilizing internal rhymes to create a rhythmic melody. This is reminiscent of jazz music, as jazz songs rely on rhyme to create rhythm. The speaker of "We Real Cool" sounds like a jazz singer. It's a defiant response to those who would condemn them out of hand.

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It is a rallying cry for independent, black artistic movement

The song, "We Real Cool," is a resounding anthem of the independent, black artistic movement. It was published in 1960, at the height of the American Civil Rights Movement. Prior to the movement, black Americans were treated as second-class citizens, denied the right to vote, and faced many other racial injustices. However, black Americans rose to the challenge, leading political and legal campaigns to overturn racist laws and change American ideas about race. The victories of the 1950s and 1960s shook the fabric of American life.

The song also highlights the cost of rebelliousness, informing listeners that their behavior might put them in danger. The song does not provide a satisfactory answer to the question of whether such sacrifices are worthwhile. The song's provocative imagery and lyrics could easily be misinterpreted as condemning or praising the speakers. However, it remains a strong rallying cry for a powerful and burgeoning independent, black artistic movement.

It uses internal rhymes

This poem by Gwendolyn Brooks employs internal rhymes throughout the text. This rhyme scheme echoes nearly every word in the poem. The poem's penultimate line rhymes with the last word of the previous stanza. The next to last line also rhymes with the word immediately preceding it. Internal rhymes are common in poetry, and Brooks makes great use of them throughout "We Real Cool."

Internal rhymes are often used to highlight key ideas in a poem. By including key words in a rhyming structure, the poem's main idea becomes more memorable and more noticeable to the reader. These words are more easily remembered, and the rhythm of internal rhymes accentuates their lyrical nature. Brooks also employs alliteration, which is the use of repetitive consonant sounds at the beginning of a word.

It uses no connecting or subordinating words in lines 1 and 2

In We Real Cool by Gwendolym Brooks, there are no connecting or subordinating words in line 1 and 2. The simplest explanation for this is that Brooks doesn't want the reader to think about the meaning of the poem. Instead, she wants them to focus on the images that each word conveys. In line one of the poem, "golden," for example, refers to the color of the room rather than to the colors of the table.

To further explore this aspect of the poem, it is useful to consider how the sound of the lines suggests connections. For example, the words "left school" and "real cool" have the same consonant /l/ sound, which suggests a connection between the two. Similarly, the lines "seaside" and "waterfront" are linked together because the speaker uses an assonant /oo/ sound.

It uses a lot of repetition

The poem We Real Cool by Gwendolyn Brooks uses a lot of repetition in its lines. Each of the seven players addresses the listener in turn, and the repeated "real cool" is a subtle use of repetition. The repetition makes each line read like a song, rather than the voice of the individual players. The poem also uses imagery, such as "golden," to establish the tone of powerlessness.

"We Real Cool" is composed of eight lines, cut into four stanzas. The lines have three syllables, except for the first and last line, which are each four syllables. The poem is also written in enjambment, or the use of white space between words. It is therefore important to note that Brooks does not use a traditional meter in her poem.

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It uses internal rhymes in other poems by Gwendolyn Brooks

In her poem "We Die Soon", poet Gwendolyn Brooks employs a variety of rhyme schemes to make her readers aware of the upcoming death of seven of the characters. Brooks creates tone of voice in this poem by placing repetitive consonant sounds at the beginning of each line. Similarly, she uses alliteration and sound devices, such as repetition of a single word or a phrase, to make the text more vivid and appealing to the reader's senses.

These lines recur throughout the poem, which uses internal rhymes to create a complex pattern. Brooks' prose is filled with references from daily life. Children are described as "jerky stems and bits of color," and her school is referred to as a brown brick building. "It's a strange place to learn to be Black," she writes in another poem.

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